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Is Wearing Contacts Good For You?

Updated on July 20, 2013

Contact Lenses Vs. Glasses

Should you wear contacts or glasses? Well, when it comes down to it, it's all about preferences. If you are reading this, then you probably wear glasses at the moment. If you are already considering contacts, then I will re-assure you. If you aren't, then I will make sure you are considering them after reading this. Now before I took about why contacts are so great, let's discuss why glasses aren't so great.

What's Wrong With Glasses?

  • Glasses are meant for correcting your vision, but glasses never really 100% correct your vision. This is because there is a small distance between the glasses lens and your eye. This distance causes whatever you see to be slightly smaller than it actually is. Try this, take your glasses and move them closer and further from your eye, as you move it, the size of everything changes.
  • Glasses obscure your vision because of the frame. Even though you get used to it, there is always something blocking the out-of-focus area of your vision. Sure what you focus on is what really matters, but you're technically giving up any vision you lose due to frame obstruction because of it.
  • You don't get good peripheral vision with glasses. As the glasses are only in front of your eyes, your peripheral vision remains unchanged, and perhaps even worse off because of the glasses frame.
  • The glasses frames have to rest on your nose, and so they often leave marks on your face with prolonged wearing. This is especially the case with the ones that fit tightly around your nose.
  • You can't participate in rigorous sports activities because there is the risk that you will break your glasses, or even worse, that you will injure yourself because of the glasses. Because of this, if you are a glasses only person, you have to risk the danger by participating in sports or you have to take them off and play without proper vision. You also cannot participate in underwater sports with glasses.
  • Natural beauty is given up with those who wear glasses. Sure, everyone has the pair of glasses that makes them look sexy or cute, but it doesn't make up for how you look naturally. Let's face it, more often than not glasses make us come off as dorky. Most people who want to be at their peak of attractiveness prefer not to wear glasses.
  • Glasses require a lot of maintenance, they require tedious cleaning to get rid of smudges so that you can see properly. Over time the smudges and scratches become permanent and you have to deal with them until you get a new pair, which isn't always affordable right away. You also have to deal with glasses fogging up when you go from a cold to warm place, or when you're out in the rain.

Those are a few of the inconveniences that come with glasses. Just to be fair, I will also point out a few things that people often get turned off about or are afraid of with contacts. But I will also provide explanations for them as well, and point out the things that aren't true.

Common Misconceptions about Contact Lenses

  • It hurts to put them in - At first it's a little scary but not really painful. Since you aren't used to it, it can be a little irritating for your eyes to have something put into them, but more often than not it's just the person who is afraid to put them in. After a few times of putting them on you'll be able to do it no problem.
  • Contacts are dangerous - Contact lenses are perfectly safe if you do everything properly. All this means is clean them everyday, and make sure no chemicals get into your eyes. Pretty straightforward right? Another fear that people have is that the contacts can go behind your eye and cut the nerve or something. Let me clear this up, it's happen to me like twice that the contact went up into my eyelid. But it didn't hurt, and I simply just pushed it down and it was back. It only happens when you rub your eyes too hard, and it CANNOT go and cut your nerve. That is simply impossible. I've been wearing my contact lenses for around 5 years now with no problem.
  • Contacts are time consuming - Not at all actually. Once your into the habit, it takes around a minute to clean and put in both contact lenses. It takes 10 seconds to take them out. It really isn't any hassle at all.
  • Contacts are bad for your eyes - Again, if you follow the rules they are not. Many myths pertain to your eyes getting dry or you losing your vision or something if you wear contacts. Contacts are only meant to be worn during the active part of your day, if you come home from work and take them off, you'll be fine. But even if you sleep with them on accidentally every now and then (like drunken night where you forget to take them off for example) it'll be fine. It only causes any sort of damage to your eye if you keep them in for too long on a regular basis. 8 hours a day is recommended for most, but up to 12 sometimes is fine for the most part too. Contacts are medically tested and designed to be safe. Unless they're a big conspiracy to make the world go blind (don't even) you'll be fine. And they've been around for plenty of years so we know there aren't any detrimental long term effects.
  • Contacts are expensive - Perhaps a little more than glasses, but the amount you spend on a pair of glasses can easily pay for about a years worth of contact lenses. You can usually even wear your contacts for a little over the recommended period, for example wearing monthly contacts for 6 weeks is perfectly fine. However dailies should be disposed of daily. Insurance usually can cover the amount you'll spend on contacts a year anyways.

Advantages of Wearing Contacts

Now let's go over some simple benefits of wearing contact lenses over glasses. Well, firstly there's no vision obstruction whatsoever. There's no frame in your way, you can see 100% of everything in the correct size, AND you get peripheral vision. You can also compete in sports and such without having to worry about any damage to your glasses, or your glasses breaking in your face. While it is recommended that you don't swim with your contact lenses, I've done it a few times and it isn't too bad. Just make sure you clean your contacts thoroughly afterwards, and that you wear your swim goggles the entire time . Unless absolutely necessary though, it's still better to avoid wearing contacts when swimming.

Contacts also leave no marks on your face, and let you show your natural beauty. Contacts are also more comfortable than glasses. You usually cannot feel contact lenses in your eyes at all, whereas glasses are right on your face at all times. Contacts are also convenient in that they don't get loose or accidentally fall off when you're looking down or running or something. It really is a no-brainer, contacts offer so many more benefits over glasses, if you just get over the initial fear and discomfort, it'll take you a long way.

Now you now the advantages of wearing contacts, and the disadvantages of wearing glasses, so go on and order yourself a trial pair of contact lenses and see yourself a brighter future (corny ending but I had to).


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