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Benefits of a Quit Smoking Timeline

Updated on June 2, 2011
Expanded quit smoking timelines may span for more than a month.
Expanded quit smoking timelines may span for more than a month. | Source

What is a quit smoking timeline?

A basic quit smoking timeline contains a firm calendar date, after which you will no longer smoke cigarettes. You can physically circle a date on your calendar or create a printed sheet with your computer software.

Preparation Benefits of a Quit Smoking Timeline

Each day that passes on a quit smoking timeline brings you closer to your actual quit date. As a smoker, you will gradually get used to the idea that you will soon be quitting smoking and begin to mentally prepare for the event. Instead of thinking of the quit date on your quit smoking timeline as a negative event, consider thinking of your quit date as "The day I will begin taking charge of my health." or "The day I will no longer let nicotine control my actions."

Gradual Cigarette Reduction

Reducing your daily cigarette intake slowly may decrease the side effects of nicotine withdrawal.
Reducing your daily cigarette intake slowly may decrease the side effects of nicotine withdrawal. | Source

Cigarette Intake Reduction Benefits of a Quit Smoking Timeline

More advanced quit smoking timelines might feature milestone dates that correspond with a pre-planned reduction of your daily cigarette intake. For example, if constructing a 30-day timeline with Day 30 being your quit date, Day 10 may mark the start of smoking two less cigarettes a day for the next ten days. Gradually reducing your cigarette intake before your actual quit date could potentially make quitting smoking easier for you.

Commitment Benefits of a Quit Smoking Timeline

By creating a quit smoking timeline, you are enforcing that you are committed to quitting smoking permanently. As silly as it sounds, putting a goal in writing makes it tangible and real versus only telling yourself you'll quit smoking in your head. Place your quit smoking timeline somewhere where you will see it often, like on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or next to your computer. Every time you walk by your quit smoking timeline, whether you consciously notice it or not, your subconscious mind takes note of the commitment it represents.

Quit Smoking Timelines and Nicotine Replacement Therapy

You can integrate your NRT, or nicotine replacement therapy, steps into your quit smoking timeline. If using a phased NRT method, such as the nicotine patch or nicotine gum, you may have a quit smoking timeline that spans several months that indicates when you are moving into the next phase of your NRT method.

Quit Smoking Permanently

Quitting smoking permanently can save you cash, and more importantly, can extend your life.
Quitting smoking permanently can save you cash, and more importantly, can extend your life. | Source

Addional Benefits of a Quit Smoking Timeline

You can also use a quit smoking timeline to keep track of how much money you've saved every day, week or month by not purchasing cigarettes. Seeing a monetary amount can help you power through intense nicotine cravings. Also, consider giving yourself a small reward for every week you don't smoke. You can mark this reward on your extended quit smoking timeline. Reward ideas include seeing a movie, dining out, buying a new book or getting a pedicure. When deciding on a reward, make it something you really want. Rewards are a great way to keep yourself motivated during the quitting process. Quitting smoking is an incredibly difficult process, one that non-smokers don't have the ability to understand. Utilize the power of a quit smoking timeline to help you on your journey to a healthy, nicotine-free life.


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