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Benefits of a Rice Diet

Updated on March 16, 2012
Rice is good for your heart
Rice is good for your heart | Source

In recent years, the benefits of a rice-based diet are showing promise. A diet based around rice has been recommended by many different self-help diet books and by nutritionists. The original rice diet program was developed by scientists at Duke University in 1939. Since then, many have benefited from this healthy diet plan. Whether it is watching your weight or sticking to a budget, rice provides different healthy benefits.

Health Benefits of Rice in a Diet

Many of the healthiest regions of the world eat a majority of rice in their diets. Most of these countries are not particularly wealthy, but rice is affordable and has been a large percent of their daily food. In looking at the health benefits from a rice diet, look at the countries who do not eat a large amount of rice. In these countries processed foods are prevalent with high amounts of salt, sugar, and fat. These types of foods lead to issues with heart disease, obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes. A large amount of rice in a diet eliminates many of the bad products consumed. Rice is also very low in sodium, which leads to good health and lower blood pressure.

Brown Rice is an even better option for health benefits. Brown rice contains fiber, which is something missing in white rice. Brown rice has about the same amount of protein as white rice, but also has a lower amount of carbs.

Rice as a Gluten-Free Alternative

Rice is a gluten-free alternative to pasta or bread. There are many people who have a known allergy to wheat. There are also many more people out there who have an unknown wheat allergy. Symptoms such as fatigue and upset stomach are common in some that do not realize they are allergic to wheat. Rice allergies are much less common than wheat allergies.

Detoxify Your Body with a Rice Diet

Rice is an all-natural product. Many different starches and grains used in diets contain preservatives and chemicals. While there is never a guarantee any food contains no chemicals, at least rice does not have chemicals willfully added in order to make it last longer on the shelf. Rice has been around for thousands of years and the raw dried product is essentially the same now as it was then.

Rice is a Low-Cost Food

The price of rice alone is a reason to change meals to include a greater amount of rice. Per pound, the cost of rice is one of the lowest cost products from the grain food group. This carbohydrate provides energy and protein, but lacks all of the bad things such as sodium, fat, and chemical additives. It is possible to cook rice in many different ways as both a side dish or a main dish. Replacing a diet high in meat and other fatty protein with more rice saves a substantial amount of money over time.


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