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Benefits of dietary vitamins

Updated on October 1, 2009

Dietary vitamins supplements

Our overall health depends on dietary vitamins consumption as they assist in the smooth functioning of our body.The importance of vitamins can be appreciated by the fact that without them our bodies cannot function at all because our metabolism totally depends on them.The benefits of vitamins are many fold because they act as barriers against many diseases.Their characteristics are as follows.

1.Vitamins are organic substances that play a crucial role in our body’s metabolism.

2.Vitamins are bio- catalysts that facilitate certain metabolic activity crucial to body’s growth and maintenance.

3.They are like lubrication oil that keeps the machine running smoothly without which the machine would stop after sometime.

4.They do not have any common chemical structure.They are chemical compounds existing in the form of acids or alcohols.

5.They are present in foods but are not food in the sense that they do not supply any energy.

6.They exist in the form of enzymes or part of them.

Vitamins are broadly divided into two categories namely water soluble vitamins and fat soluble vitamins.

Water soluble vitamins as the name suggest dissolve in water hence excess amounts are excreted through urine.They are as follows.

1.VITAMIN-B complex group act as a team and is vital for the normal functioning of metabolism.The vitamins in this group are folic acid,pantothenic acid,biotin,thiamine(B1),riboflavin(B2),niacin(B3),pyridoxine(B6),cobalamin(B12).


Folic acid helps in nervous system maintenance and also essential for the production of red and white blood cells.It also helps in stress relief.

Foods rich in folic acid are beans,white bran and liver and grains and turnip greens.

Folic acid deficiency can cause anemia.


This is present in almost every food and deficiency is uncommon but if it occurs it can cause sleep disorders,fatigue,stomach cramps and vomiting.


Biotin is essential to our health.Biotin deficiency can cause sore muscles,depression,fatigue and appetite loss.Foods rich in biotin are chocolate,beans,nuts,cauliflower,milk,yeast and meat.


This vitamin is also known as thiamine.Foods rich in vitamin-B1 are soybean flour,pork,liver,yeast and rice husk.Vitamin-B1 deficiency can cause Beri-Beri disease characterized by extreme fatigue.

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