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The Benefits of the Weight Watchers Diet

Updated on March 10, 2010
The Weight Watchers Program Provides Diet Advice and Diet Support.
The Weight Watchers Program Provides Diet Advice and Diet Support.

Introduction to Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is an organisation which provides moral support and dietary advice to help you choose the best possible dietary choices to help you lose weight. With millions of members around teh globe, you will have support from likeminded people wherever you live, and with professionals on hand at all times, you will never be short on information for your Weight Watchers Diet.

How Does Weight Watches Work?

Weight Watchers is a monthly subscription based system which provides huge amounts of information, diet plans, and diet advice twenty four hours a day.Weight Watchers also provides local Weight Watchers meetings in thousands of locations over the globe!

Weight Watchers will organise your diet on a points system, which will help make you eat healthier, while still allowing you to have the odd treat every now and then. The points system allocates a certain 'points' value to nearly any kind of food that you could think of. Throughout each day and week you have a set amount of points which you can spend on food.

The Weight Watchers Points System has two major benefits for dieters.

1) It is very simple, no more calculating calories, carrying a calculator around with you, and having to remember numbers in the thousands, not to mention fat values and unsaturated fat values. The Weight Watchers points system gives you a simple easy way to keep track of your daily intake.

2) The Weight Watchers points plan allows you to indulge occasionally, but it also helps to stop you from overindulging, which as we all know is much too easy when you are on a diet and you have some sweet foods in front of you!

Why Should I Pay for Weight Watchers?

The Weight Watchers program has a dietary workout for everyone, and with member support, online help, and weekly emails with tasty, diet friendly recipes, Weight Watchers really can work for you.

Weight Watchers doesn't follow any diet fads, it simply helps you diet in moderation, which is incredibly hard for most of us to acheive sometimes.  The Weight Watchers program really does work, with its fantastic points system for food, and an online community brimming with information on excercise, diet tips, and even advice on going vegetarian or vegan (Although you can also find free vegan recipes online).

With Weight Watchers you are not paying for a diet plan, you are paying for access to the worlds largest diet community, which has a stunning 96% success rate, that beats the hell out of fad diets!

What are the Alternatives to Weight Watchers

Unfortunately there are not really any alternatives to weight watchers which have quite the same level of support and community feelings.

You can always diet yourself, and many people do this successfully, however if you have trouble keeping yourself disciplined or motivated, Weight Watchers could be for you!


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    • profile image

      health news 6 years ago

      I have had a few friends that have done the weight watchers diet plan with varying degrees of success. I just don’t think that I am the type that is patient or organized enough to log every piece of food that goes into my mouth with a point system. More power to those that can, though!

    • Attention Getter profile image

      Attention Getter 7 years ago

      Just a note: If you want to use weight watchers then make sure you pay the money and sign up for the program and attend the meetings...if you try to do it for free off of someone else's cards and books you will not get the support or the sheer motivation that you will by yourself.