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Uses of pure honey

Updated on March 21, 2014


Honey is a natural sweetener and it's incredible antiseptic, antioxidant and cleanser of our system .Apart from it's health benefits it is used as a beauty product ,for skin, eyes conjunctivitis and even for athlete foot. It's powerful healing properties have long been recognized thousands of years back and are known to promote healing for cuts, cure innumerable ailments and diseases, and also correct health disorders.Honey not only fights infection and hastens tissue healing ,it also reduces inflammation and scarring.Along with other benefits it is often used for treating digestive problems such as diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers and gastroenteritis.

Here are some home remedies with honey.

  • If we apply pure honey into our eyes it helps to remove black cataract from our eyes.
  • Honey and turmeric mixture helps to reduce pigmentation
  • 50 gms of honey mixed with 100 gms of yogurt and consumed daily in empty stomach for one year, helps to maintain good health and very thin people may gain weight, it also helps to strengthen memory,Consumption of this mixture helps to get rid of blemishes ,acne ,and pimples.
  • We can apply the mixture of yogurt, honey and turmeric on our face as a pack and latter wash it with warm water and supple skin .

  • If one egg is mixed with 25 gm honey and consumed daily during winter months with milk it improves the fertility in men (need to have at least for a month )beware ,,do not have anything sour and rice while having the mentioned home remedy.(people suffering from night fall should not have it )
  • In 10 gm honey mix 2 gm mulathi(English Name;- Liquorice)and have it morning and evening it will help remove mucus and cure cough too .
  • Even tulsi (basil)with honey and pipali or 2 amalas(Indian goose berry) helps to cure cold and cough .
  • During summers if honey is mixed in cold water and consumed it keeps you get cool and relaxed .
  • If one glass of warm water is mixed with 2 teaspoon of honey and one lemon squeezed into it , helps to reduce body fat ,if it's taken daily in empty stomach.
  • Applying honey on cuts and burs helps to repair skin tissues.
  • Honey,white onion juice and ginger juice (all in equal quantities) makes an excellent eye drop and keep your eyes from drying,cataract ,and watering.
  • Apply pure honey on the canker's sore it helps to settle them down.Even scury could be cured with its application on gums.


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