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Benign Liver Tumors

Updated on March 2, 2013

The Unknown is Scary When it Comes to Liver Tumors

Since a couple of years ago I have been suffering from abdominal pain in the upper right quadrant. One of the very first times I had a cat scan to look at this issue the radiologist found a small mass about 11mm in size on my liver.

Most liver tumors have similar characteristics so usually the finding of one requires follow up testing in order to diagnose- so of course there is a time period in which one can ponder all of the deadly possibilities it will probably turn out not to be. Sort of like I did. It is not fun.

The Mysterious and Complicated Liver

The Liver
The Liver | Source

Basics of Benign Liver Tumors

  1. Hemangioma- most commonly found benign tumor and more commonly associated with women these tumors are relatively harmless except when they grow to be large enough to cause discomfort.They are an abnormal cluster blood vessels.
  2. FNH or Focal Nodular Hyperplasia: second most common benign liver tumor after hemangioma it usually requires no treatment and it is not considered to be at risk for malignancy. Caused by abnormal arrangement of cells.
  3. Adenoma: the most troublesome of benign tumors is the hepatocelluar adenoma found more often in women during childbirth perhaps because of the use of birth control and its effects on hormones. In certain circumstances they require removal which would be determined by a liver specialist after diagnostic studies.
  4. Lipomas and fibromas- very rare benign liver tumors usually no treatment is required. Also same could be said for liver cysts.

As was in my case they determined it to be a hemangioma but because it grew during follow up imaging studies they continue to follow it to determine if it will need follow up diagnostic testing such as biopsy.

As with all medical ailments you should always seek a second opinion from a specialist if you don't feel comfortable with the recommendations. Your mental health is important too and you need to feel secure in your diagnosis. If you feel like something just isn't right- don't feel uncomfortable looking for backup recommendations, in some cases this has saved lives and at the very least it can help put you further at ease.

Ultrasound Image of Liver Adenoma

New Imaging Technologies Highlights Common Benign Liver Tumors

As imaging technology becomes more advanced we are able to know more and more about the mysteries our bodies hold. Like DNA testing to a detective, MRI, Cat Scan, and Ultrasound give more information than ever than technology used in the past which is both a blessing and a curse for some.

On the one hand it is great to know what is going on but on the other hand it begs one to wonder whether or not there are some things best left unknown.I am in the camp of it is better to know but find it hard to argue with those who find ignorance is bliss.

What About You-Benign Liver Tumor?

Have You Ever Been Diagnosed with a Benign Liver Tumor?

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Do You Have A Benign Liver Tumor? If So Do You Have Symptoms?

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    • profile image

      Momochan 6 years ago

      Yes, I have been diagnosed with FNH and all my doctors say that these don't cause pain but I certainly do have pain in that area under the right rib cage, along with nausea, other lower abdominal pain and extreme fatigue. From what I've researched, a lot of people do have symptoms and there are medical journals documenting that sometimes surgery is necessary to relieve these symptoms so check things out if you feel like your benign tumor is causing you problems and doctors are telling you other wise!