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Bereavement and Depression - Lift your spirits naturally,without drugs

Updated on September 1, 2016
A candle lit in respect
A candle lit in respect
Grieving can be all consuming for some while
Grieving can be all consuming for some while

How to cope with Berevement and Depression


This can strike any of us at any time following a loss of a loved one either human or animal. In addition depression can occur due to a traumatic event in our lives or even as a result of a contra-indication in a drug.

It is especially difficult to deal with if we live alone or a long way from our supporting friends or family. We all know how easily a sight or smell can trigger an emotional reaction and the use of certain essential oils can have this effect to lift our spirits and allow us to relax and enjoy life again.

Use 5 drops each of the following and blend in a small 30ml bottle with a dropper

Frankincense, Roman Camomile, Neroli

Bergamot, Juniper, Lavender

Lavandin, Niaouli, Basil

Marjoram, Geranium, Sweet Thyme

Thyme, Rose Otto, Rose Maroc

Ylang-Ylang, Melissa, Myrrh

The resulting blend is best used 5 drops on each sector of an essential oil fan cassette or can be used in an inexpensive essential oil evaporator. Take great care if used in an evaporator with a naked flame as the oils can be very flammable.

Conventional medicine is still based on Prozac for depression but increasingly St John's Wort is used and found to be just as effective but with less side effects. 900mg of Hypercin which is one of the active ingredients was found in trials to be as effective as the conventional drug Imipramine which is a tricyclic antidepressant and not well tolerated. In some countries you cannot buy St John's Wort but there is an alternative by the name of SAMe which mimics the same product naturally made in the body but lacking with age.

Low levels of vitamin B12 are known to trigger depression and as the body cannot store it we need to get vitamin B6 and B12 from either food or supplements.

Another remedy used to treat depression is Kava Kava which is a member of the pepper family and contains kavalactones which relax muscles and calm the whole body.

Finally there is a natural antidepressant an amino acid called phenylalanine which is found in chocolate and cheese. If you don't like either of these then you can take a supplement DL-phenylalanine or DLPA which will boost the level of endorphins. It can take a couple of weeks to work but after that then just one week in four.

It has been found to be extremely useful to take a few courses of Reiki which can help enormously in dealing with the problem without feeling that you are drugging yourself to forget.

If you suffer any adverse effects discontinue use immediately and seek medical aid or advice if you suffer from asthma.

Using natural remedies

Have you lost a much loved person or animal and used natural remedies to cope?

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    • oldersister profile image


      6 years ago

      Grieving the loss of someone can lead to depression. Hospice care offers counseling and support. so do many church groups. If you are feeling tired, and do not want to do the things that you used to enjoy go to a support group. The grieving process is different for eveyone. You are not alone.

    • Peter Geekie profile imageAUTHOR

      Peter Geekie 

      6 years ago from Sittingbourne

      I am not sure of your question. All of the essential oils listed are to be blended to achieve the desired result. If you are on a limited budget then Lavender essential oil is a good allrounder but I stress you must use good quality. May I suggest Lavender essential oil from Downderry Lavender - Kent Tel: 01732 810081

    • cyoung35 profile image

      Chad Young 

      6 years ago from Corona, CA

      I can't wait to try these out. Which one is your favorite?


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