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How To Find Out Which Acne Product Is Best For Your Skin

Updated on February 8, 2013

Adult Acne Treatments

A skin condition that causes pimples or zits, whiteheads and blackheads usually accompanied by red inflamed eruptions is referred to as acne and is one of the most hated skin problems all over the world. Teenagers and older men and women alike suffer from this problem.

The worst part is that not only does it pockmark your face with ugly looking eruptions but mostly they also leave scars behind long after they are gone. And since your face is the most prominent part of the body, pockmarks and blemishes on the face often lead to low levels of self esteem.

Find Out Why Clear Skin MAX is So Good and Effective!

Good and effective treatment for ace is highly sought after. The major problem with most of the available treatments for acne is that though they clear the pimples, most of them do nothing about the marks that are left behind on the skin. Another common problem is that most of them cannot guarantee that there will be no relapse of acne.

However, you must also know that there is no one treatment for acne. Since there is acne of various kinds, they require to be dealt with differently. Moreover acne treatment should be different for different types of skin. There are various acne treatment products that are available in the market. However before you buy one; you must know what product suits your skin type the best.

Dry skin even without acne needs extra care and attention. When there is a breakout of acne on dry skin you need to be extra careful. Toothpaste works very well on acne for those who have a dry skin, while vegetable and peanut oil and milk are some of the most common solutions. You could also try products with lavender oil because it prevents the acne from leaving scars on your skin.

Some of the products that could help you include the ‘Clear Pores 3 Step Acne Facial System’ which is especially designed for dry skin. The ‘Zenmed Acne Therapy for Dry Skin’ also works wonders; the same is true with ‘Exposed Skin Care Ultimate 9 Piece Kit’. You could also look for products that have a good amount of milk in their composition. Also look for alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), retinol, beta hydroxy acid (BHA) in the product that you purchase.

Clear Skin MAX is yet another product that helps you deal with any type of skin. It is a complete acne and skin impurity system that is created with natural elements with no chemicals involved at all. It has the ‘Acne Vanisher Mask’ which opens up the pores and literally sucks the dirt from your skin. This system than provides the ‘Pore Astringent Conditioning Lotion’ which uses Allantoin to cover up the opened pores. This product is quite a revolutionary invention in the acne world.

For combination or normal skin, acne treatments are a little different. People with combination skin are prone to acne breakouts in the oily T zone (the forehead and the nose). On a combination skin type acne treatment is a little more complicated because some parts of the face are oily while others are dry.

A homemade mask with almond and egg white is very beneficial. You could also add a teaspoon of orange juice to the mixture and apply it on the face and leave it for 10 minutes to dry off. Then wash it off using warm water and pat the skin dry. Other effective remedies include a mixture of honey, milk powder, lemon juice and peach pulp.

When buying a skin care solution to treat acne for combination skin, look for a product which is rich in its anti-oxidant content. ‘Zenmed Therapy’ has a special kit to deal with combination skin, while ‘Exposed Skin Care’ boasts of their 5 piece set. Any product that you buy for a combination skin should have benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, triclosan and tea tree oil and should be rich in vitamins.

Oily skin type is the worst when it comes to acne because it is very prone to acne breakouts, because of the excessive oil on the skin. Turmeric works wonders on oily skin. So does gram flower with its antiseptic affects. Mix these two ingredients with curd and add some lemon to the mixture and leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and you will see wonderful results.

Look for products that contain salicylic acid, sulfur and resorcinol along with benzoyl peroxide. Neutrogena and Proactive Systems are known to have very effective acne treatment solutions for oily skin. Clear Skin MAX is a product which is very advanced that it has the ability to treat all type of skins no matter what condition it is in. It is a product I myself will trust and recommend because it is a natural acne solution which does not contain any chemicals.

Remember to achieve a radiant skin, free from acne your system should be functioning optimally on the inside. You should maintain a healthy diet, with very little or no junk food and drink ample amounts of water every day. Also regular exercise is a must to keep the blood circulation system and the hormonal balance of the body intact. A healthy lifestyle without too much of stress will naturally reflect on your skin and give you a flawless, radiant skin and be acne-free permanently.

How Clear Skin MAX works

Clear Skin MAX

The Revolutionary 6 Stage Acne and Skin Impurity System
The Revolutionary 6 Stage Acne and Skin Impurity System | Source

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