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Best Activities to Burn Calories

Updated on June 7, 2014
Tennis Court
Tennis Court | Source

Some activities do not help us to burn off the calories we intake, and instead cause us to stay inactive and sluggish. Other activities, on the other hand, do make us burn off calories by helping us to keep our bodies active and quick. There are activities where we will be able to burn off more than others. In order for us to keep on being healthy, we need to stay active. We could do that by taking part in active activities to help us burn off the calories that we need to. Below is a list - in no particular order - I have compiled of some active activities which are the seven best activities to take part in and do help us greatly to burn those calories. By best, I am talking about the fun activities and sports where you won't realize how much exercise you are doing because you are enjoying the activity so much while at the same time burning off the many calories you should be to be healthy.

1.) Swimming

Swimming is one great and easy way to burn off a lot of calories within at least an hour, and it is a cardio type of activity. It is a great exercise because once you learn and know how to swim, you can plainly swim around a pool, lake or the ocean. You can swim for at least an hour and not even realize you're burning off a lot of calories because it is fun. Time always goes by quicker when you're having fun and not watching the minutes like a hawk. It is a water sport and exercise that could be done recreationally easily besides competitively. Swimming opens up many other possible water sports and exercises to do where for those other exercises it is a big plus to know how to swim.

2.) Tennis

Another great activity that helps to burn off many calories is Tennis. Tennis is a running type activity sport where you are running from side to side, and putting your energy into hitting a yellow tennis ball with a racket. Playing tennis, running back and forth, and hitting a ball for an hour or so, burns a lot of calories really quick. It uses a lot of hand - eye coordination, upper body strength, and flexibility. Tennis is a great sport for those on the short side and have trouble running great distances, as it is also considered a type of cardio.

This activity is a favorite of mine since I was young. I have been playing tennis since I was ten years old and I always enjoy it. I could play for many hours in a day, if I am able to. I know I always feel healthier and fitter the more I play tennis. It is another activity you could play for hours and not realize how long you've spent.

3.) Kayak

The next really good activity to do to help to burn off calories is the water activity of Kayaking, even though you're sitting down. When you kayak, you work mostly with your upper body and torso, and surprisingly your legs. Even though you're sitting, it is still a total, full body workout, especially if you continually paddle and in a good distance amount. According to, kayaking is actually ranked high among the most physically demanding physical activities. Even kayaking on a calm surface is considered to be moderate exercise and on average about five calories per minute could be burned. This is one active activity where height doesn't matter much and just about anyone can learn to do.

4.) Paddle Board

Paddle Board, or as it is also called Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), is another great activity which burns off a lot of calories. It is another activity where you get a full, total body workout and on the water, thus making you able to burn many calories. Besides a full cross body workout, SUP is also a relaxing and very fun water sport active activity for almost anyone to enjoy. Paddle boarding is known to be a good ab workout in addition to the full body. However, even though it is relaxing, you still need to be able to have good balance. This is one water sport exercise where it is very helpful where knowing how to swim comes in handy.

5.) Running

Another good activity to burn off a lot of calories, when done right, is Running. Running is a cardio activity, and it is good for regulating the blood system, helps more oxygen to flow and works the legs. It may appear to be hard to do, but it is simple. Many people limit themselves by taking an easy way to exercise, and don't want to put forth the effort. If you run enough, you get a Runner's High, which is a sense of wellness and is euphoric. It is a fun activity, especially when done with a group. Running is an activity that is especially good for you when you have a good diet. Running could be done anywhere - in a gym, on the sidewalk on the street, et cetera - as it doesn't require any special equipment or venue. It is so simple that all you have to do is wear some exercise clothes and running shoes, and start running - find a running pace that works for you.

Outside Racquetball Court
Outside Racquetball Court | Source

6.) Racquetball

Racquetball is a great, fun activity for burning off lots of calories, and is similar to Tennis. It is also a cardio activity like Tennis, and you are sprinting from side to side. For serious racquetball playing, there are racquetball racquets and a small, hard blue racquetball ball to use. Though you can also use tennis racquets and a tennis yellow ball if you do not have those items, and they work just as well. In racquetball, you are hitting and volleying a ball against a wall that is specially designed as a racquetball court. There are two types of courts: indoor and outdoor. This too, uses a lot of hand - eye coordination, upper body strength, and flexibility. Unlike in Tennis, for Racquetball, both you and someone else are volleying against the wall instead of being opposite facing each other. Although it is easier to play racquetball by yourself than it is tennis. A fun way to play, especially by yourself, is to see how long you can keep up a volley against the wall! This active activity will always keep you constantly moving and not realize how long time has passed!

7.) Biking (or Cycling)

Last but not least, the final good activity for burning lots of calories is Biking or also Cycling. Biking is another activity which is a cardio workout like the other activities mentioned above. Biking or Cycling can be done either indoors with a stationary bike or outdoors with a movable bike. There are even different types of bikes for outside. Cycling uses a special type of bike and is an exercise that is more intense than regular bike riding. According to, within one hour, biking can burn between about 400 to 500 calories, depending on the intensity. Biking works the legs, the back and abdominal muscles, and also the body's core. You can bike as a mode of transportation (and get exercise at the same time), as a pastime group activity with friends or family, or as an intense competitive workout. This activity is a fun active activity, where you can burn off the amount of calories you need to, at any level you choose.

The activities above are often noted as activities and sports where it's possible and easy to burn off lots of calories, and at the same time being very enjoyable to the person taking part in them, which makes the activity one of the best to help the person taking part to become and stay healthy. In order for you to be healthy and stay healthy, the right amount of calories (and most of the time, many calories) need to be burned off. By burning off the calories you need to, the new nutrition and calories you intake would be turned into muscle and not fat by exercising and taking part in active activities (and that is most likely to happen if you eat a good diet too). Burning off the needed calories to be healthy doesn't have to be boring. The above activities and sports show that through the right and best activities for you, exercising and working out can be fun!

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