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Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews

Updated on June 10, 2014

How to Choose Cheap Dumbbells – Must-Read Tips Before Buying Dumbbells

Among all of weight training equipments, dumbbells are probably one the most popular ones. These workout tools come in many models and variants of weight. Their prices are also various; when you are not careful, you can end up spending lots of money on them. To get quality but cheap adjustable dumbbells, here are some smart tips you need to know.

1. Know the types

Some types of dumbbells are including:
- Hex: Baked enamel-coated iron dumbbells with hexagonal or octagonal sides. The hexagonal or octagonal designs are meant to prevent the tool from easily rolling away. This is usually the cheapest type of dumbbell.
- Vinyl-, foam-, neoprene-, or rubber-coated dumbbells: The coating makes the equipment easier to handle. Some coats also promise noise reduction and protection if they are accidentally banged on the floor.
- Chrome: Dumbbell with rounded chromed ends. The flashy appearance makes this type more expensive than some types of weight.
- Handle weights: Best used for cardio for their lightweight. Not appropriate for intensive weight training.
- Adjustable: A set of dumbbells; you can adjust the weight as you require. Probably the best investments for weight training although rather troublesome since you have to remove or add plates and the collars each time you change exercise.
- All-in-one: Similar to adjustable dumbbells, but with more recent technology for easier assembly; simply more expensive than the similar type.

2. Know your need

Basically, a dumbbell can weight from 1 pound to 150 lbs. Before buying the equipment, know your priority. If you only want equipments for cardio workout, handle weights are your best choice. On the other hand, if you need to tone up your body, you can choose 20-pound dumbbells for men and 12-pound dumbbells for women (you might also want to invest on different weights for varying your exercises).
A person who is often on the go might consider buying aqua dumbbell. Empty aqua dumbbells are easily slipped in your bag. When the urge for working out comes, simply fill them up with water. The maximum weight of aqua dumbbells is of 16 pounds.

3. Look for used dumbbells

Before buying a new set of dumbbells, you probably need to search for the used ones. There are some people somewhere who bought a set of brand-new dumbbells and ended up dumping them at a dusty corner after a few months of training. You can use of this opportunity to get good but cheap dumbbells. While new dumbbells can cost you between $1-2.5 per pound, used ones usually are sold between 25 to 50 cents per pound; definitely a good bargain.

Safer Way of Picking up Dumbbells with Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbell Stand

Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand is a recommended stand for Bowflex Selecttech adjustable dumbbells model 552 and model 1090. Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand is an ergonomically designed product that is meant to protect your lower back. The dumbbell stand also comes with built in rack that you can use to hang towels. It can easily fit to workout room. This dumbbell stand is a very portable stand that can be easily wheeled for storage. Moreover, this dumbbell stand comes with 30 year warranty. It is such a long warranty that Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand but hardly any competitor can offer.

Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand will be a perfect complement to your Bowflex Selecttech dumbbells model 552 or bowflex 1090. With this dumbbell stand, you do not have to bend down if you want to pick up weights. This is a perfect stand that can fully protect your back. The measurements of the dumbbell stand are 20.5 inches x 24.5 inches x 27.75 inches. The dumbbell stand need to be assembled before it can be used. It will take time to assembly Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand parts. You need to unwrap every single piece and put it in order.

Once the Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand is ready, it will be the best company to your Bowflex Selecttech dumbbells. The dumbbell stand is beautiful equipment that can firmly hold your dumbbells. Both dumbbell stand and dumbbells match one to another perfectly. The dumbbell stand will become the most useful tool for your exercise equipment. If you ever heard that the assembly of Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand is kind of hard, you should remember the phrase no pain no gain.

dumbbells stand for bowflex 552Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand offers very sturdy design. The dumbbell stand also comes with roller wheels or foot pegs that can be installed easily. Choose one among roller wheels or foot pegs that you want to install. You should consider where you are going to store the the dumbbell stand. If you need to store it in other part of the exercise room, we suggest you to choose the roller wheels. However, if you are not planning to move Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand elsewhere, you should choose the foot pegs.

Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand is tagged at $139.99. The price is worth for the benefits that the dumbbell stand can offer. You can consult to your physician before buying this dumbbell stand. We are sure that they will suggest you to have Bowflex Selecttech dumbbell stand since it can offer you a safer way of picking up dumbbells.


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