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Best Antifungal Cream

Updated on February 5, 2013

An antifungal cream can make the difference between total relief and being driven half mad by itching, rashes and skin inflammation. Working in the beauty profession brings you into contact with many types of skin, nails, hair and scalp disorders and I've just about seen it all.

I've met with and advised clients on skin care that didn't (at the time) realize they'd got fungal infections such as ringworm, athletes foot, nail infections (both hands and feet) - and even guys suffering from jock itch! Of course I can't prescribe medication but I can and have directed folk at good otc antifungal creams and remedies.

Below are featured the five best anti fungal creams - all of which can be purchased safely over the counter. Each one has anti-fungal properties and some combat both fungal infections and the related itching.

Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream USP 1% by Generic Lotrimin - 1 Oz

This is the best selling antifungal cream - it will treat ringworm, athlete's foot and jock itch. It's a well trusted brand name and is definitely one for the medical box if you're a regular sufferer of any of the above.

The active ingredients work on the fungal infection whilst the rest moisturize, soothe and repair dry, itchy, flaky or inflamed areas. It's effective, safe and an incredibly cheap infection remedy. As over the counter antifungal creams go, they don't come much cheaper - if at all. Apply to clean, dry infected areas sparingly - follow the manufactures instructions and you will see a marked difference.

Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot, .85-Ounce Tubes (Pack of 2)

Although this best selling antifungal cream is advertised as being an athlete's foot focused remedy - it will work on similar fungal infections that spring from the same fungal family, namely jock itch, ringworm and - in some cases - diaper rash.

Again, use sparingly. This is not a cream that's supposed to be lavished upon the infected area. A small amount, thoroughly massaged in - wash hands after application. Keep the infected area as clean as possible whilst undergoing the healing process and you will see the treatment doing its job.

Lotil Cream in a 1.7 oz Tube - Made by Fenton Pharmaceuticals, England

This over the counter antifungal cream is a big favorite in the UK - for a number of reasons. Some find that it works well with fungal infections and are nothing but happy with it - others (that don't suffer athlete's foot etc) rate it due to it's ability to soothe and repair the driest of skin, the itching and flaking that can come with eczema or allergic reactions.

It's regularly recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists simply because it's a great all-rounder. I can also tell you that US residents pay almost the same as UK residents - despite the shipping costs and the fact that it's a UK product in origin. A great cream - wonderful for a number of skin related problems and another that will always find a use if kept in the home medicine cabinet.

PediFix FungaSoapLiquid with Tea Tree oil, 6 oz.

As this article reviews antifungal cream - I thought I'd include the best selling antifungal soap. This one's fantastic for bathing with. Using this in the shower, followed by the appropriate cream will provide a two-step action plan to fight fungal infections.

It's especially good for athlete's foot, jock itch, skin rashes, nail infections and more. It also contains tea tree oil, which is known for its natural anti-septic healing powers, plus it deodorizes and will calm dry skin and help reduce itching. A great product, and well worth buying as it's on offer at an incredibly low price.


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    • profile image

      jill 2 years ago

      Is clotrimazole safe to use on the face? Or is lotil cream the best option there?