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Best Body Slimmers and Body Shapers for Women

Updated on March 24, 2017

Body Magic and Other Body Shapers

Women work hard at staying in shape - a fact which I'm sure everyone will agree to without reservation. They endure painful and grueling workouts, they subject themselves to cruel diets, and they adopt unusual eating habits. Thus, no one holds it against them that occasionally they need a little help with respect to attaining an ideal figure. (I certainly don't. In fact, in my opinion, it takes a woman with a certain degree of inner strength and character to admit that she needs help in this regard.)

With that in mind, we turn to body shapers and body slimmers. These neat little devices can work absolute wonders in terms of helping women present that perfect figure they work so hard to achieve. In short, as the name implies, they can give a woman the shape she truly desires and admittedly deserves. With that as our focus, we now take a look at some of the best of the breed in this category.

Squeem Magical Lingerie Waist Cincher

With over three decades of experience in making body-shaping products, Squeem enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in this category. Its Magical Lingerie Waist Cincher is touted for the ability to immediately reduce your waistline 1-4 inches. (As we all know, although that sounds like a modest reduction, it can go a long way towards altering a woman's shape and appearance for the better.)

Moreover, regular use typically results in permanent reduction to your waistline. (One Amazon reviewer noted that - over 4 months of use - her waist went from a size 34 to a size 27! It goes without saying, but that is simply an incredible and mind-boggling change!) No wonder then that this item is rated as the best-selling waist cincher on

Compression Corselette Body Shaper

Like most good body shapers, the Compression Corselette is noted for immediately helping women get a lovely, eye-catching hourglass figure - something women strive for. Moreover, it has a well-earned reputation for fitting comfortably and being worn easily under everyday clothing. (Which is. undoubtedly, a claim not many can make and one worth taking particular note of.)

This item has 60 customer reviews and enjoys a solid 4-star rating on Amazon. Many reviewers note the immediate effect on their waistline and figure, and it gets high marks for comfortable wear. Small wonder, then, that it's Amazon's #1 seller amongst bodysuits.

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Ardyss Body Magic Bodysuit

This impressive bodysuit immediately helps improve your figure by providing lift, correcting posture and - through consistent use - helping you lose weight. (That fact alone will place it very high many customers.) Moreover, many users notice the difference right away and are able to begin sporting their new look in almost no time.

In terms of customer satisfaction, one reviewer stated that it gave her the appearance of having lost 20 pounds. (That is a very happy customer, I'm quite sure.) Also, several new moms said it help them reclaim their pre-pregnancy figure, which seems to be something only Hollywood starlets with personal trainers seem capable of achieving these days.

Summary: Let the Inner You Show

Body slimmers and body shapers clearly have the ability to help you present smooth and graceful curves to the world. Moreover, they can help you lose weight and firm up areas that you've been looking to tone. In short, they have the ability to have an immediate impact and provide you with the same figure you would get from hours at the gym lifting weights, doing sit ups, or jogging ten miles on a treadmill. However, they will do so at a fraction of the cost and in far less time. That fact alone means that these products are unquestionably well worth the cost.

(And if you happened upon something here that you liked, why not complete the ensemble and fully enhance your figure by choosing from amongst the Best Bras for Petite and Buxom Women?)

Of course, it goes without saying that even if you don't need a body slimmer or body shaper for yourself, they make absolutely great gifts. You can find other unique and elegant gifts at CoolToysandGifts .com.


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