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Top Bodybuilding supplements in India

Updated on August 5, 2017

Before I analyse bodybuilding supplements, I want to mention the popular myth among bodybuilders and gym goers- "If you want big and powerful muscles, just hit the Gym and load yourself with protein supplements". This is the common perception of most bodybuilders. They end up buying costly powders and pills that are mostly ineffective and sometimes harmful to health. In India, many manufacturers have started making supplements and lots of them are quite sub-standard. Even the ones claimed to have been imported have substances adulterated in them. Many supplements are adulterated with synthetic hormones. Hence, one must be careful while buying these supplements

I would like to shed light on the different types of Body building supplements available on the market and how they act on your body so that you could choose the supplement that best suits you. One must remember that supplements act on your body through various mechanisms and each supplement has its unique effect. Each supplement is distinct in its own way. How supplements must be taken is also important. They must be loaded at the right time before or after workout in order to provide optimal energy, maximum muscle growth and recovery. It’s advisable to take protein supplements immediately right after the workout as they will nourish your muscles and reduce fatigue. Your regular meal can be taken 60-90 minutes afterward. Over intake of supplements is also harmful as they may lead to side effects like indigestion, stomach ulcer and hyper urea excretion. They will also place extra load on the kidneys.

Types of supplements: Bodybuilding supplements can be generally classified into two, energy supplements and Muscle Nourishers. The former provide energy for doing high-intensity workouts while the latter nourishes the body with Amino acids. Amino acids are the constituents of proteins and help develop muscles. Amino acids also help you get a lean muscle mass with high-quality muscle fibers.

Creatine: This is perhaps the most preferred supplement worldwide. Creatine is an energy provider. It’s a combination of three amino acids, Arginine, Methionine and Glycine. It continuously replenishes the body with ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) which is the body’s energy source. ATP is responsible for all the body processes which include exercise and Bodybuilding. Creatine enters the body and binds with a phosphate molecule to form Creatine phosphate, which in turn produces more ATP. Thus Creatine provides increased energy for workout and enables to lifts more weights and train for longer periods of time. As a result, you get increased muscle fibers. Creatine is proven to be safe if taken in the right quantity.

Whey Protein: Whey Protein is a Muscle nourisher. It is a by-product of cheese production. It loads the muscles with amino acids thus enabling more muscle growth. Whey protein is an example of complete protein. Complete proteins contain all essential amino acids. Whey Protein is ideal for developing Lean and quality muscle mass. Whey protein concentrates contain some amount of fat and lactose while Whey Protein isolate is almost pure protein with negligible fat. Whey has highest protein digestibility and also contain more BCAA (Branched chain amino acids) than any other protein source. It is also rich in the amino acid Leucine. A combination of Creatine and Whey protein is considered as the ultimate Bodybuilding combination worldwide.

Weight Gainers: Weight Gainers are meant for getting bulk mass i.e increasing overall muscle size. They also contain Carbohydrates and Fats as they provide more calories. Weight Gainers are ideal for slim persons. You can even make your weight Gainer at your home itself by mixing protein powder with fat & carbs sources like Egg and cream and blending with a Flavour like Chocolate or Vanilla. While buying weight gainers from the market, be cautious because Weight Gainers are the easiest ones to adulterate

Glutamine: Glutamine is a powerful supplement. It increases performance, reduces muscle breakdown and boosts recovery. Glutamine is a non-essential amino acid produced by your body itself. However, during exercise, the demand for Glutamine increases and the body may not be able to produce it in sufficient quantity. Glutamine also boosts the immune system. Most bodybuilders take lots of protein but fail to get enough Glutamine in their diet. Glutamine is highly needed for people who do strenuous workouts at the gym.

Multivitamin: One may wonder why one needs Vitamins for building muscles. However, our body mechanism is very complex and most bodily processes require Vitamins. The body needs to be provided vital nutrients to keep it going efficiently. Some people may experience diarrhea due to improper protein intake. Therefore multivitamins are a must in a bodybuilder’s kit. Your body will be under stress if you keep on loading proteins without taking vitamins first.

BCAAs: Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) support immune system and enhance muscle recovery capabilities. It bridges any deficiencies amino acid deficiencies eg, those who rely heavily on a particular protein source. It also maintains lean muscle mass. Many people are obsessed with other supplements like Creatine that they overlook BCAAs.


How to Eat for Mass.. Jay Cutler Living Large courtesy: Youtube

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    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 14 months ago from India

      Yes. However, India is slowly catching up with USA as local brands have dominated the market here for long. With online shops, people are able to order quality supplements from USA and Europe directly.

    • JvicIndia profile image

      John 21 months ago from India

      You're Welcome

    • JRScarbrough profile image

      JR Scarbrough MFA 21 months ago from United States

      It seems the USA and India share the top supplements. Thanks for the article.