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Best Devices for Getting in Perfect Shape

Updated on August 26, 2011

There are many kinds of gadgets available on the market that can help you to get your perfect body shape and attain your weight loss goals. 

Wii Fit Plus Cardio Workout Package (PAC)
Wii Fit Plus Cardio Workout Package (PAC)

Package includes: 1 Wii System 1 Wii Sports Game 1 Wii Fit Plus Game 1 Wii Gold Gym's Cardio Workout Game 1 Wii Game Jullian...


1. Wii Fit Plus:

We can say that this is the most popular way to get that perfect body shape. This effective way keeps your body in shape and helps you a lot to lose those extra pounds. It serves you just like your personal trainer at your home. You can workout with the options according to your desire.

The great part about owning a Wii Fit Plus is that you can choose between training, strength, aerobic, yoga and also an interesting series of mini games that can all help you achieve your goal. First of all, you have to stand on its revolutionary balance board controller. There are no chances for cheating or altering the system while standing on this balance board controller track. It notices every slight movement and position of your body to ensure you are doing the right exercise. This virtual trainer guides you during the whole process until you complete your whole task.

The great and most interesting part of all of this are its mini games and its amazing philosophy behind it. You can lose your body weight by having great fun just by playing games and you will entertain yourself in an interesting way and get the actual task completed. You never feel bored and can do the exercise without spending long hours at the gym.

Armband for iPod nano 5th / 4th generation (can use WITH or WITHOUT Nike+ Receiver) bundled with Sensor Case to hold Nike+iPod Sport Kit Sensor (does not include actual sensor)
Armband for iPod nano 5th / 4th generation (can use WITH or WITHOUT Nike+ Receiver) bundled with Sensor Case to hold Nike+iPod Sport Kit Sensor (does not include actual sensor)

1) Tune Belts Sport Armband for iPod nano 5th generation which can be used WITH or WITHOUT a connected Nike+ Receiver (model AB75+) AND

2) Sensor Case to hold Nike+ iPod Sport Kit Sensor (model SC1)


2. Nike and iPod Kit:

This is also an effective gadget for getting in shape. You can “Rock and Run” with this product just as the official ad prompts. When using this gadget, the sensor needs to be placed on the special designated spot on the shoe. This way you will easily check out the actual running distance, the amount of calories that will have to be burnt, and the duration of exercise. You can also entertain yourself with your favorite play list with clear sounds during your exercise hour. 

Your iPod keeps informing you about time, distance, pace and the amount of calories during your exercise. These iPods can also synchronize to your personal computer to save all the data so to make it easy to manage your progress per day.

3. Suunto T6 Wrist Top Computer:

The latest trend of this century are heart rate monitors. The majority of people are used to the daily training recommended by their personal trainers. But  Suunto T6 is much more than a personal trainer. The personal trainer software  keeps record of distance, heart rate speed, calories and air pressure. For  people who are serious about exercise this is the best gadget to select.

Suunto T6 Wrist-Top Computer and Foot/Bike Pod Duathlon Combo Pack
Suunto T6 Wrist-Top Computer and Foot/Bike Pod Duathlon Combo Pack

The Suunto Duathon Pack Heart Rate Monitor includes a t6 watch, Foot POD, and Bike POD to provide accurate training information to multisport athletes. The t6 provides real-time heart rate...

Suunto GPS Pod Wireless Transmitter
Suunto GPS Pod Wireless Transmitter

The Suunto GPS POD transmits speed and distance on any terrain, which makes it an ideal choice for bikers, runners, kayakers, and skiers alike...


4. Pump One:

Pump one is a full fitness guide. Basically, you just have to download the software to your iPod, iPod nano, or any hand held device and than start the action. Pump One will provide you complete guidelines in the form of video instructions and different sounds.

5. Fit Bit:

You will be able to keep track of each movement with the help of Fit Bit. You can also wear it on a wristband as well as it can be clipped directly on your clothes. It will start measuring distance, calories that are burned, steps taken, and the rate of heartbeat.


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