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Best Drinks for the Common Cold

Updated on September 24, 2014

Although there is no cure for the common cold, there are a number of ways to ease the symptoms. Besides getting much needed rest, increasing your fluid intake is a highly recommended treatment. Certain fluids are key in the removal of contaminants that build up in the body. Some of the most prevalent toxin-busters are mentioned below.



Specialists at Mayo Clinic emphasize many benefits of water. Most importantly, it keeps the body hydrated. This makes the suggested eight to ten glasses of water even more essential when a cold takes over your body.

Many items can be added to water in attempts to minimize different cold symptoms. Including lemon and honey with a warm cup of water can help break up congestion. Gargling with salt and water soothes sore, scratchy throats.

Garlic Tea

Garlic, lemon, and honey in warm water are the essentials for garlic tea. Garlic, alone, possesses an infection fighting agent called allicin. Allicin targets bacterial and fungal anomalies in the body. The most effective way to activate this fighting agent is by crushing or chopping the garlic cloves during preparation. As mentioned in combination with water, honey and lemon act as back up support, soothing the respiratory system and thinning mucus.


Vitamins and minerals are the central components of broth. They are obtained from the various meat, bone, and vegetable products included in the fluid. Because of these natural ingredients, broth contains a number of toxin fighting agents. With broth consumption, wastes are expelled easier and the immune system gets a jolt of power.

Ginger Ale

For maximum efficiency, ginger ale should be served flat, at room temperature. Likewise, the ginger contained in the drink should be the "Real McCoy", as opposed to a ginger substitute. Authentic ginger's main assistance with colds is reducing inflammation in the body, commonly experienced in the sinus cavity and digestive tract.

What drink do you prefer during a cold?

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