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Electronic Pulse Massager Ratings and Tips

Updated on August 4, 2015
The truMedic PL-009 is one of the most popular and high-quality pulse massagers on the market
The truMedic PL-009 is one of the most popular and high-quality pulse massagers on the market

I have had my fair share of muscle fatigue, pain and injuries before, I know how inconvenient it can be to make countless trips to a massage therapist or injury prevention and was told many times that masssage therapy was a good treatment for injury prevention.

I didn't know too much about these EMS machines at the moment as the technology behind them and availability has become more mainstream since then, maybe if I had one these little massagers at the moment, I could have avoided many of those injuries.

Constant muscle discomfort and pains can lead to more serious problems that limit physical activity and hinder physical mobility. While there are many tools out there to masssage your body, an EMS is a very versatile and tool that can be used to assist in the treatment of various muscle related pain and injuries.

What Is An Electronic Pulse Massager?

An Electronic Pulse massager also known as an Electric Muscle stimulator is a small battery operated and usually portable device that sens electrical signals throughout the attached electrodes (Sticky patches) in order to induce a contracting motion for the motion to the muscle it is in contact with.

The electrode placement will usually depend on the type of pain you are experiencing and location of your muscle pain or discomfort. Usually, a trusted healthcare adviser can assist you in finding the best intensity settings and node placement to get the best results.

How Do I Use An Electronic Pulse Massager?

First make sure the battery pack of your unit is fully charged and will last you throughout the duration of your use. Some units last longer than others.

Depending on the model you choose there are two main settings.One setting allows you to control the intensity of the electrical current and thus the intensity of the the muscle contractions.

Another setting is to control the rate at which the contractions take place, both settings should be completely off before you start.

Second, apply rubbing alcohol to the areas of the skin where the electrodes will be used so the electricity current is strong and secure. The you can let your skin dry.

For some units, depending on the model, it is better for you to apply a coat of gel on each node where the skin will come in contact. You can choose the wrap the node tightly around the skin with a towel or wrap so they don't come loose.

For hard to reach areas you want to massage, ask a friend or someone nearby to apply the nodes for you.

Attach the connecting nodes to the wires and the wires to the massaging unit. Slowly increase the intensity until you find an intensity level and pulse that is comfortable to you.

Pulse massagers can decrease your recovery rate after intense training and exercise
Pulse massagers can decrease your recovery rate after intense training and exercise

Benefits of Electronic Pulse Massagers For Athletes

Athletes can go through an incredible amount of physical stress and pain during their training and games and are usually able to recover quickly due to their intense training and good conditioning.

However, there times when muscle pains and soreness will not go away and their physical conditioning is just not enough.

Many are just not able to give their bodies an adequate amount of rest for the proper healing and recovery to take place.

This is especially true when they are in the middle of a competitive season and missing just one game can mean the difference between winning and loosing.

These maagers can be a godsend when it comes to these stressful times. A portable massage can speed up the rate of recovery for athletes by relieving the strain and stress buildup that comes from the overuse and repetitive motions that many athletes experience.

An EMS unit can help athletes prevent spending more time away from their games and prevent injuries such as pulls or tears that can be caused later.

One of the most convenient features of these units is that they are very portable and easy to carry with you if you cant be at home or are on the road. Athletes love this feature because of how hard it is to find time to devote to serious healing and recovery away form home and in between work and competitions.

5-Point Rating System

Pulse Settings
Final Score
truMedic Pl-009 Pulse Massager
truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe

Features To Look For in A Pulse Massager

  • Pulse Settings- How many pulse settings does the device have? Depending on the location and intensity of the pain, multiple pulse settings allow you to find your sweet spot for maximum pain and stress relief
  • Simulation Modes- Simulation Modes can mimic the different massage styles your body may need a the moment
  • Display- Depending on your needs, you may want a devices that displays the various functions the unit is performing or maybe a simple display will work just fine for your needs.
  • Battery Life- Depending on the length of your sessions, some units carry a longer battery life than others

TruMedic Pl-009 Electronic Pulse Massager

5 stars for Price To Performance Ratio

The truMedic Pl-009 is perhaps the most popular unit of all the pulse massagers available and for good reason.

It is a versatile machine that can be used for simple everyday gym goers to more serious issues like chronic pain in the lower neck and back pains.

It packs a portable weight and design for great portability and convenience to get you that massage you need when you are on the road or short on time.

Its easy to use self-explanatory buttons make it one of the easiest to use massagers for finding the settings that are best for you. It features buttons that list the parts of your body that you want to work without you having to know what the most ideal settings are for that area.

5 Pre-programmed automated settings allow you to sit back a relax while the massaging unit does the work for you or you could choose to go into a more manual mode giving the the freedom to find the settings that work best for you.

truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe

truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe Tens Unit for Pain Relief
truMedic TM-1000PRO Deluxe Tens Unit for Pain Relief

Another option by truMedic, this unit is probably one of the more expensive units out there as it is one of the most feature rich.

With a back-lit LCD display you will see exactly what the machine is doing in any light setting. The easy to use button selection features will give you full control over what type of settings you wish to use on whichever area of the body you are treating.

This is a good option for athletes or high intensity training where various muscle groups may need massaging at the same time.


What Should I Do After Treating Myself or Receiving Treatment?

Slowly decrease the intensity of the unit as you turn off the machine and unplug the electrode wires from the massaging unit. you can choose to leave the electrodes on your skin if you plan on going for another round later.

Wash the area of the skin where you had the electrodes with water and soap to clean the gel away. Make sure you do not use alcohol to clean the electrodes as it can remove the gel on the electrodes and decrease their lifespan.

Take out the batteries and recharge them for your next use. Make sure you remove the electrodes at least once a day to allow your skin to breath and avoid any reactions. Also, make sure you do not get near any water during the course of your treatment.

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