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Best Fat Burning Workout Routines

Updated on January 26, 2015

Exercising To Burn Fat

There's an epidemic of obesity in this country due to all of the processed foods and fast foods that are so easily available to most of us and the fact that many of us aren't as active as we should be. This means that a lot of people are looking to burn unwanted body fat. You need to cut out fast foods and processed foods out of your diet as much as possible. However, while the right diet plan is very important to getting rid of unwanted body fat you also need to exercise regularly for the best results. If you work out vigorously you'll see the unwanted pounds melt off quickly. the best fat burning routines should include cardiovascular and weight training exercise.

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Cardiovascular Exercise For Fat Burning

Cardiovascular exercise is a major part of the best fat burning workout routines. This type of exercise will get your heart pumping to boost your metabolism so you burn more body fat. Cardiovascular, or cardio, workouts should involve sustained exercise for anywhere form 20 to 45 minutes.

The best fat burning workout routines should be made up of certain types of cardio exercise. The best forms of cardio to burn fat are running or jogging, biking, elliptical machine workouts, boxing or kickboxing training, and participating in an active sport such as basketball or soccer.

Most people who perform cardio exercise as part of the best fat burning workout routines do it with low or medium intensity for a long duration of time. To get more out of your cardiovascular workouts you can perform some short bursts of high intensity training to speed up your metabolism and shorten your workouts. When you run, you can try jogging for the first few minutes then doing a short all out sprint before going back to normal jogging. You can also do this with other forms of cardio exercise.

When you do cardio for the best fat burning workouts your body will burn stored carbohydrates in your muscles before burning body fat. Because of this, you should try performing cardiovascular workouts when your carbohydrate stores are depleted. This means that doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach or after weight training may be best for fat loss.

Fat Burning Boxing Workouts

One great type of cardio workout involves boxing training. A boxing workout will include heavy bag training, speed bag training, jump roping and more. This workout will have you training your muscles in a way you wouldn't otherwise. The best boxing workouts will lead to more explosive power and fat loss.

Heavy bag training is a great starter to a fat burning boxing workout. You can practice all types of punches and improve your speed and power. Use a stopwatch to do some 3 minute rounds on the bag. Try to work up to 4 to 6 rounds on the heavy bag. Of course, you can adjust how long you train if you need to.

Speed bag training can be done next when you do boxing style training. Hitting the speed bag will improve your hand-eye coordination. Try doing 2 or 3 three minute rounds on this bag.

Jump roping is also an important part of a boxing workout. Skipping rope will help improve your foot speed and endurance. Start out by doing only as much jump roping as you can handle, even if it's only a minute at a time. Eventually, you can try to work up to jump roping sessions that last as long as 20 to 30 minutes.

Other things you can do for boxing workouts include shadowboxing, jogging, and abdominal training.

Weight Training For Fat Burning

The best fat burning workout routines should involve weight training. When you build muscle size through weight training you'll boost your resting metabolism. This means that even when you aren't exercising you'll be burning more fat.

When you're trying to burn fat through weight training you should do higher rep sets. Performing a higher number of reps per set will make your weight training a bit more like cardio since you'll be lifting for a longer period of time for each set. Shorter rest periods between sets when you weight train is also a good idea when you want to perform the best fat burning workout routines. If you're more focused on burning fat than building muscle you can try circuit training. This is one of the best fat burning workout routines because it will have you going from exercise to exercise with minimal rest in between them and will make your weight training workout more like cardio exercise.

If you want to burn fat and build muscle through weight training you should try a routine that has you changing the amount of reps you do per set at every workout. To do this you would have a light, medium, and heavy day for each workout in your split routine. For the first cycle of your split routine you would use lighter weights for high rep sets on every exercise. This makes it one of the top fat burning workout routines. For the second cycle of your routine you would use medium weights for a medium amount of reps per set. For the last cycle you would go heavy for low rep sets. This will help you build more strength. After the last cycle you would do it all over again. Doing this will keep your muscles from getting too used to doing the same thing so you continue to build muscle and burn fat.

When you weight train as part of the best fat burning exercise routines you should perform exercises that give your muscle building and fat burning hormones the biggest boost. This means that you should do compound exercises that involve many different muscle groups and take a lot of effort. These exercises include squats, deadlifts, power cleans, clean and presses, bench presses, pull-ups, and rows.

Sample Workout Routine

Workout 1 - chest, shoulders and triceps (high reps)

Workout 2 - back and biceps (high reps)

Workout 3 - cardio and abs

Workout 4 - leg (high reps)

Workout 5 - chest, shoulders and triceps (med reps)

Workout 6 - cardio and abs

Workout 7 - back and biceps (med reps)

Workout 8 - legs (med reps)

Workout 9 - cardio and abs

Workout 10 - chest, shoulders and triceps (low rep)

Workout 11 - back and biceps (low reps)

Workout 12 - cardio and abs

Workout 13 - legs (low reps)

After this go back to the first weight training workout while doing cardiovascular training and abs every 3 workouts. Make sure to take days off when needed to avoid burning out.


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