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Best Foot Massager | Top 5 Reviews

Updated on July 14, 2015
The MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat By 3Q is a great overall performer that massages the entire foot.
The MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat By 3Q is a great overall performer that massages the entire foot.

Best Foot Massager Reviews

Whether you just want to relax your muscles after a long hard day at work or have chronic foot pain related to sprains and strains, arthritis, etc., a foot foot massager can go a long way to helping you on your recovery.

However, it is important to consult a physician for any serious problems before getting a foot massager machine.

Most people are just looking for a way to relax and get the most out of the few hours of free-time they have at the end of each day. Working long and stressfull hours, especially if you are standing, can take a toll on your feet after a while. Here are some of the best foot massagers to get rid of that stress that can build up around the ankles and foots soles.

What Are Some Common Causes of Foot Pain?


More specifically Achilles tendinitis, this form of tendinitis directly influences the Achilles tendon which is the thick tendon located at the back of your foot. The mains cause of this tendinitis is overuse and intensive exercises, especially if not done too often. It is the culprit of about 15% of running related injuries.

It can also be cause by poor form when exercising or shoes that are not fitted properly. There are some more rare occasions when the injury is related to inflammatory issues. If not treated properly and rested, this pain can begin to move up the leg and begin affecting more muscles.

Plantar Fasciitis

This can also be referred to as "Joggers Heel" and is usually accompanied by a dull pain in the heel and bottom of the foot.The pain is usually the worst with withing the first few days of which the physical activity occurred. The pain can usually be felt when the foot and toes bend up in the direction of the shin, this condition can also be exaggerated by having a tight Achilles Tendon.


Arthritis is a type of disorder in the joints that arises from inflammation in the joints. There are over 100 different variations of arthritis. but the most common is osteoarthritis due to joint infection, age, or some kind trauma that occurred to the joint. The main complaint of this type of arthritis is the pain associated with it and may be only felt on the joint that is affected or the a generally affected area.


Fibryomyalga can be described as having pain over a wide area and having a painfully increased response to pressure. There may by feelings other than pain that come with fibryomyalgia such as being tired more than usual an lacking energy, and loss of sleep and joint stiffness. More serious cases can cause anxiety and depressions.


Sciatia deals with the symptoms related to leg pain and can also involve a slight tingly feeling, numbness, or pain throughout the leg. This pain usually originates inthe lower back and goes down through the glutes and reach the sciatic nerve behind the leg. Sciatic nerve pain can range from a mild, numb, dull feeling to a seering, irritating, and frequent pain.

5-Point Rating System

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Build Quality  
Main Feature  
Final Score  
3Q Foot Massager Wtih Heat
Kneading Shiatsu Air Pressure
Shiatsu Kneading And Rolling Massager By Kendal
"Deep Kneading" Pressure
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat
Detachable Inerior Cloth
HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager
Very Affordable
Homedics FMS-278 Shiatsu Foot Massager
Toe-Touch Control System

Reviewers Choice

5 stars for Top Overall Performance

3Q Foot Massager With Heat : An All Around Quality Massage

The MG-F18 Massager by 3Q is an all around Multi-functional massager. One of the main features is the Shiatsu massage and kneading style the massaging nubs employ.

A Shiatsu massage is one of the most popular types of massages apply finer, join, and palm pressure to the person receiving the massage.

Now combine that style air pressure, heat, and focus it on the foot, and you get with the 3Q foot massager. The all-encompassing design allows the shiatsu massager to cover all of the essential acupuncture points to relieve the stress and tension.

The 3-level intensity selection and adjustable heat features allow you to adjust to your level of comfort. The only downside to this item is that having larger feet about 11 1/2 in mens or larger may make it a bit more difficult for the machine to cover the arches of your foot. If you have larger than average feet, you may want to have a look at the kneading and rolling foot massager by Kendal below.

Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager By Kendal

Shiatsu Kneading And Rolling Massager By Kenda

The Shiatsu "kneading" and rolling foot massager really places emphasis on the "kneading" aspect of a foot massage.

For anyone who is in need of a deep massage, I would compare the intensity of this massage to that of "Rolfing" a deep massage technique designed to relax and release the stress and tension that is located deep within the fascia tissues of the muscles.

For people who are on their feet for multiple hours a day and have built up years of stress and pressure around the ankles and heels, a deep massage may be just the answer.

This model is very feature rich with 4 optional modes including kneading, massaging, rolling, and a combination of the 3 to emulate the natural feeling of a reflexology professional. You can also use these different modes while adjusting your lower to mid-calves into the machine to recieve a more thorough massage.

If you are into using essential oils, which can be highly recommended by many massage professionals, it would be no problem with this machine as it has detachable fabric foot covers that make it easy to clean after using oils and lotions to add that extra touch of comfort to your foot massage.

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

The ucomfy Shiatsu Foot Massager is a great balance between affordability and quality. It features as unique vibrating feature that adds a little something extra.

It also sports an all encompassing design that gives a full around design that massages the top and bottom of your feet. while sporting a modern appearance and design that blends in with a modern living room.

Are you ready to have your feet crushed? just kidding, but this machine also has a strong kneading feature that will allow you to get those deep knots and stress buildups. It is always recommended to start at a lower setting and work the intensity setting up as your feet become more used to the pressure.

With 5 levels of intensity this machine feels like there area hundred little hands massaging your feet. it uses proven reflexology power points to target areas that are known for storing the most stress

One of the downsides of this unit is that it does not come with a remote control, but it does have setting for 15 minute intervals to automatically shut off the unit if you are prone to falling asleep while you are having your feet massaged. it also comes with a detachable interior cloth for easy cleaning if your feet tend to develop a slight odor from time to time.

HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

The HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager is a really good low-cost option if you are on a budget.

Home Medics is one of the leading brands in the "home relaxation industry and really puts out quality machines despite their price. However there are a few sacrifices you will have to make compared to the more feature rich massages listed above.

This massager does not cover the entire foot, but does a great job on the bottom of the feet if you don't mind not having the top of your feet massaged. The heat settings only come with two options, on and off.

Don't let the cost fool you, the four rotating massage heads are strategically located to target the pressure points a top-quality, deep-kneading shiatsu style massage.

One advantage of it not having full-cover design is that you have the flexibility to move your foot up and down the massage and even reach your calves depending on the size of your legs.

With the timer set to around 15 minutes, it will be no problem if you want to take a little nap while this automatic-masseuse goes to work on your feet.

Homedics FMS-278 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Another low-cost option by Homedics, the Deep kneading Shiatsu Massager is a budget friendly massager that has a high cost-to-benefit ratio.

This massager features 6 rotational heads with 18 massage nodes as opposed to three rotational head above, this allows the massage to cover the top middle and lower parts of the foot. It is also has a heat feature that allows the your foot to loosen up a bit more.

One of the most exciting and unique features of this massager is the “toe-touch” command and control module system which gives you the option to go completely hands-free. This is perfect if you want to massage your feet on a regular basis. With this feature you don't have to bother loosing a remote or constantly reach down to adjust the settings, everything is conveniently located and controlled by your toes.

The only thing you might have to get used to when beginning to use this massager and similar ones like it is the slight tickling feeling, with time, you will adjust to the pressure.

Another Foot Pain Relief option

For extra sore or painful feet, it may be a good idea to visit a misuse who has a good reputation dealing with feet.

A professional muses will know exactly where to focus their attention depending on how you describe your pain and will give some recommendation on how you can prevent future pain and injuries.

Do you have an occupation where you stand on your feet a lot?

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