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Best GNC Product to Help Lose Weight Fast

Updated on June 6, 2012

Everyone Wants to Lose Weight

Everyone, especially in the summer time, wants to look their best. Maybe you have some baby weight, or maybe you had a lazy summer. It's time to knock off some pounds, and do it quickly. Before we start, though, it should be noted that the BEST way to lose weight is to exercise regularly. Exercise with a combination of dietary supplements and a good, healthy diet will get you the results you want quickly.

Our Choice: Oxy5001 Mega Thermogenic

OxyElite Pro is a diet pill that claims you will burn fat quickly. Even the bottle is intimidating, which reads: "Oxy5001 is pharmacist-formulated & must be used with extreme caution, only by healthy adults capable of handling it's true power. It is mandatory that users get clearance from their physician before use." Now, it's not mandatory seeing as they sell it over the counter at your local GNC, not to mention at However, it does scare you into taking it as directed, because this stuff really is potent.

When I first went to GNC in search of a fat burner, I was a bit nervous because everything is freaking expensive and I wanted something that worked. After talking to the guy behind the counter, he swore upon this stuff. I rolled my eyes, because every time I go there, those people pretend to know everything about anything. And before I went to the store, I had done some research about certain products that I wanted to try, and Oxy5001 was not one of them. So the guy says, "Look, this product that you're trying to buy is $20 more than a 30 day supply of Oxy5001. Give it a shot." So I did, and thank god I did.

The instructions on the bottle say for the first few days you should only take 1 pill in the morning, and after that you double your morning dose and take another 5 hours later. I was stupid enough to take 2 right when I left the store. My heart started racing 20 minutes later. I was anxious and kind of freaked out. Especially during my workout! I had to cut it short because my heart was beating so fast. So my lesson was learned... take the pills as directed.


I had been progressively losing weight for months. I was 210 pounds, and I dropped 25 of that just by changing my diet. That means I quit drinking soda. So I bottomed out at 185, and I couldn't seem to lose any more weight. I was running constantly, and working out equally as hard, but I couldn't lose any more weight. With Oxy5001, I dropped another 15 pounds, and I now hover around 170, occasionally dipping into the 160's (which I haven't seen since middle school!). I'm extremely slimmer than I was, and I'm starting to notice muscles in my abs that I've never seen before. Each time I see a new one, I get extremely excited. Each time I get excited, I have more of a desire to work out. It's incredible. I'm 3 pills away from being done with the 2 month program, so tomorrow I will stop taking them for a month or two, and then hop back on. No, I do not have a six-pack of abs, yet, but that wasn't my goal. I wanted to lose weight. My chest, however, is much more defined, and my stomach is completely flat. I'm working on more ab exercises to make my abs more defined, as you can see the cuts starting to show up.

So, if you want to know which diet pills actually work, the answer is Oxy5001. I swear by it.


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