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Hair Restoration Facts and Fiction - Women Hair Loss - Regrowth With Help of Herbs, Formula, & Best Hair Loss Treatment

Updated on November 13, 2013

Hair Regrowth - Fact and Fiction

Hair loss problem is a fact that a lot of people have to face. For some of these people this problem only appears late in their life time, but for others this appears in their youth.

The numbers of young men that face that problem get bigger and bigger year by year. They have to search treatments for their problem that can make them hope again.

Hair loss is a problem that affects the self esteem also, although when you are not facing it you tend to think that this is never going to happen to you. When you start to search for a treatment you should be aware that not all of them work for you.

Most of the people from America use scalp medications in order to solve their hair loss. This medication can be ingested or in the form of a solution that you use only on your scalp. The ingested medication seems to be very effective; about half of the people that use it remarked their hair re-growth or at least the hair loss stopped. In this treatment is very important your genetics and your lifestyle so it is possible that this kind of treatment doesn't work for everyone that uses it.

Shampoos that are supposed to stop the hair loss and help your hair to re-grow vary in their effectiveness. For the most of this shampoo users, it seems that it doesn't help your hair to re-grow but they help your remaining hair to grow faster.

If none of these methods works for you, you have the option of scalp surgery. This method is accepted and very often used nowadays. The most used method of scalp surgery is the transplant. This means that the doctors take hair from a part of your scalp that is healthy and they graft it into your bald patches. But this method had its disadvantages: it made people think that they didn't looked natural.

If the only option for you is hair grafting you should know that the modern technique makes the transplanted hair to look natural and normal, just like your own hair. If you don't have enough hair, the doctors will use artificial hair for your transplant. But you don't have to worry because the artificial hair looks natural and people can't tell that you had a transplant though it feels tougher than the natural hair.

There is also a second method of surgery that can help you, but this one is still in the experimenting phase. In order to solve your problems doctors will move your hair patches to your bald parts of the scalp. This method seems to be more effective because it allows natural hair growing on your bald parts of the scalp. But you must wait for this method to develop until you decide to go for it.

Another common and used method is the lifestyle alteration therapy. This will work for you only if your problem with hair loss is not genetic and it is caused by other external factor like: stress, inappropriate diets, and exposure to chemicals that aren't good for your hair. If you change in your lifestyle the things that harm you, you can possibly stop hair loss and you can also make your bald spots to re-grow hair. This method solves only the non-genetic hair losses.

Women Hair Loss

The normal hair loss that every woman has should not be bigger than 80-150 strands per day. When the number of strands increases, the visible effects can be demoralizing for a woman. If you are a woman that faces that, I am sure that your first thought was to search a treatment to solve the problem. But before that you must know how the growth of your hair happens.

How your hair grows

In every second 90% of your hair is in the growing process. This process has place in a period of 2 to 7 years. In these seconds the remaining 10% or your hair is resting and the new growth from your follicle makes the old shaft to be pushed out. That means that your hair grows continuously and it replaces itself all the time.

If the old hair is falling too much then you will see that you will have bald spots on your scalp. When this happens your hair will fall in clumps. All this things indicate that you have seriously hair loss problems and you sure need be alert of this as soon as possible.

Why women face hair loss?

Some causes of hair losses that take place on women are temporary but some of them are permanent. After pregnancy your hormone level is changing and this can cause hair loss. Other factors that can make your hair fall are: stress, medical conditions/ treatments. You will be pleased to find out that when you will get rid of these problems your hair will grow back to normal.

The female pattern baldness (FPB) is caused by genetic or hormonal factors and is not reversible. FBP appears usually at the back of the head and on the top; the entire hair will be thinner.

Ways to make your hair grow again if you are a female:

1. If your entire body is healthy; then your hair will be healthy too. A healthy diet and drinking a lot of water will really help your hair loss to stop.

2. Studies have showed that a proper circulation of your blood in your scalp makes your hair healthier. That means that you must exercise a lot!

3. There are also natural oils/creams that help your hair to re-grow. Most of them usually work if they are applied regularly and properly to your scalp.

4. If you are waiting for you treatments to stop your hair loss but you still want to look normal and to keep up with the fashion you can wear wigs or hair pieces. You won't be catalogued as a freak because many women are wearing them as an accessory.

5. You can find hair treatments that are made especially for women. You can search more about Provillus for Women. Many people are satisfied with it.

6. Grafts and transplants must be considered an option. But my advice is to try first the other options because surgery is very expensive.

Hair Restoration with the Help of Herbs

It was proved that the most effective remedy for women that suffer from hair loss are the herbs. If you are a woman that suffers from baldness or alopecia you must have spent important sums of money in searching the right remedy for your problem. That means that you also spent a lot of time in searching formulas and in visits to a dermatologist doctor and you probably didn't solved the problem yet.

Most of these women are probably tired of searching and they now wear expensive wigs that don't look natural. Sadly, this is a common problem that we face day by day and we never have to think that this will never happen to us. These problems would end if we would be able to find a treatment that works and makes our hair to grow back again. I have good news for you: this kind of treatment exists and, believe it or not, herbs are our solution!

You probably don't know what a female pattern baldness (FPB) is, and how do we end up getting it. This is not a disease like a cold. It is a gene that is defective and we have it from our mothers that have it from their mothers and so on. This special problem needs special solutions.

The special solution that I was talking about is usually given by medical researchers and scientists that studied this matter and they know what to do to solve our problem. They are all going to say to us that the best treatment that we can buy in order to regrow hair; is made from herbs; natural herbs that are provided by our Mother Nature. Because they are natural we don't have to worry about our general health and about our hair, scalp, face, eyes and so on.

These herbs also help our hair not to become thin. I think I don't need to tell you more to convince you that herbs are the solution that we've been looking for since we noticed that we do confront ourselves with hair loss. Now it will be better for you to stop spending money on a treatment that is expensive and ineffective and to try natural treatments that regrow your hair.

If you suffer from female pattern baldness you have to try herbs! They are the most effective treatment for women that have thin hair also. If you are tired of spending your money on products that simply don't work you can stop now because you finally found your suitable solution. After that you can throw your wig away, and you can start to be proud of your own natural hair.

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Learn More about Hair Regrowth Formula - Answers that Should Help You

Industries that develop hair regrowth formulas are very developed nowadays. You must search for the right one for you. You don't have to buy the first thing that you see in a market because you will probably make a big mistake. Most of the hair regrowth treatments are made with chemicals and they can affect your hair and make it fall faster than it already did.

Hair loss happens for reasons that are now treatable. It is possible that it is not even necessary to go out and look for a treatment; the answer for your problems can be in the changing of your diet, shampoo, conditioner, lifestyle or you can simply take some supplements that will help your hair to grow back again.

But if you are unlucky and your hair problems are genetic (that meaning that your father or grandfather suffered of hair loss too) and you are sick of your bald patches and your thin hair, you must start to search a hair regrowth formula that won't make your hair or your scalp any harm.

When you start to search for that right formula that I was talking about you must avoid buying one that contains: Butane, Citric Acid, Cetyl Alcohol and Propane. I know that those are the ingredients listed on one of the famous hair regrowth formula in the U.S.A. Another famous formula causes acne, birth defects and impotence. I bet you sure don't want anything like that; I'm sure that I don't!

If you want to regrow your hair you don't have to deal with a problem or secondary effects. You will find in the markets natural formulas of hair regrowth that won't make you harm and more than that, they are also effective. Procerin is one formula of hair regrowth that is natural and contains Saw Palmetto - a new natural ingredient.

If you never heard of Saw Palmetto I will tell what it is: it is an extract from a tropical fruit and it is used because it makes better the condition of your scalp and hair; it makes the level of dihydrotestosterone (this is the main reason for genetic hair loss) lower than it is, this means that your hair can regrow without difficulties.

Even though you use hair regrowth formulas that make your hair regrow again, you still have to worry about your scalp and its condition and health.

Provillus is another formula used in hair loss and it is made of natural ingredients like Saw Palmetto and lots of vitamins like: B6, Zinc, Biotin, Horsetail Silica, and Magnesium. Gota Kola, Uva-Ursi, Eleuthro and pumpkin oil help your hair and scalp to moisturize.
When you choose a hair regrowth formula you have to be careful to choose one that not only makes you hair to regrow, but also improves the health of your scalp and hair without affecting them in a bad way.

Best Hair Loss Treatment - Solutions Found Online

Many people face the fact that they suffer from hair loss problems on a daily basis. If you do suffer from these kinds of problems you sure thought about the fact that it will be perfect if you could just do something in order to regrow your hair. But this becomes sometimes a difficult thing to do because there are thousands of hair regrowth treatments and you just don't know what suits your problems best.

Usually when you have a problem; you try to search the solution for it before you choose the best option. This is what you should do in this problem here. You don't need to hurry in choosing something because you will end up with big sums of money wasted and the hair still won't be where you want it to be.

You can do a little research on the Internet and you will find sites and forums where you can read reviews of different hair fall products. It is important to know before that the reviews are not all the time positive thoughts about the products; they are opinions of people that used the product that they are writing about.

You can also find forums or reviews that are written by people that are experts in hair. You can trust them more than you trust the reviews made by the regular people because hair experts sure know what they are talking about. In order to find out what hair regrowth treatment suits you the best, you must find out in the first place the reason why your hair is falling. When you suffer from hair loss you can confront yourself with two embarrassing problems.

The first one is the baldness and the second one is happening when your hairline start to recede. Men are those that usually confront themselves with the problem of baldness while women often confront themselves with the fact that their hairline is starting to go back. The treatments are not the same for both, men and women, because the reason that their hair falls is not the same.

Natural treatments usually work great in problems like hair loss. You should know that there are a big number of natural treatments that really make their business when it comes about hair loss. You must also keep in mind that the best way you can stop hair loss is massaging your scalp.

This helps the blood to irrigate the hair roots so they can grow. It is important for the healthiness of your hair that your scalp to be healthy too; as long as that happens you will have beautiful hair that stays in its place. For massaging your scalp you can use just your hands and fingers but you can also use herbal oils that are used for hair falls like said before.

The fact that more and more people suffer from hair loss is now known. Those kinds of people usually think about what they should do to regain their hair. These kinds of people suffer from problems with their self confidence too. Don't worry too much if you have problems with hair loss, be calm and consider all the solutions presented here, and choose one from here or an alternative that might seem the best route for you.

Who do you think suffers most when having hair loss, or baldness problems?

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