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Best Hamstrings Exercises

Updated on May 7, 2011

The Hamstrings play an important role in physical activities, with out them we wont be able to jump or run and even walk. Hamstrings play an important part in our daily life and after my recent injury, my pulled hamstring, I decided to gather The Best Hamstrings Exercises. I believe everybody should know the importance of maintaining a healthy Hamstring to avoid risk of injury in the future. I am personally using these Hamstrings Exercises to recover from my injury and to fasten Healing.

Stretching the Hamstrings

It is essential to stretch before any moderate activities. This helps the hamstring to loosen up making them more flexible and lowers the risk of Hamstring strains or pulls. Here are some basic stretches;

Perform a basic stretching exercise for pulled hamstrings known as a "good morning." Stand up straight on a flat, even surface. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Bend at your hips. While keeping your back straight, slowly lower the weight to the floor. Hold. Return to original position. Repeat for eight to 10 reps.
Stretch your pulled hamstring by lifting your injured leg and placing it onto a flat surface that is waist height. Keep your knee straight. Slowly move your upper body forward toward your toes. Bend at the waist. Keep your back straight. Hold for 30 seconds. Return to the upright position. Repeat.

Provided by ehow health

Prone Exercises

Hamstring stretch with an exercise ball

Lie on the floor near a wall. Lift your injured leg onto the wall. Move your buttocks closer to the wall, with your heel against the wall. Feel the stretch in your hamstrings. You're trying to move forward until your injured leg is flat against the wall.
Do not bend your knee.
Lie on a floor mat and place your heels on top of a large exercise ball. Only your upper back and shoulders will be on the floor in this position. Slowly bring your heels toward your body. Move the ball about 6 inches with your heels. Return your legs to extended position. Hold. Repeat.

Provided by ehow health

Seated Exercise

Stretch your pulled hamstring by sitting on the floor with your legs straight in front of you. Now for those who are recently injured from a pulled hamstring or a moderate strain, sitting on a 90 degree angle is already painful so start by keeping it for 20 seconds. If you cant hold it for 20 second then slowly work your way up, remember it takes time to heal so be patient. And for those who can bend start by slowly bending your upper body forward at the waist. Try to keep your knees straight. Your abdomen will touch your thighs. Grab each foot with your hands. Pull yourself forward until you feel a slight discomfort and hold it for 15 to 20 second.  

Hamstring Support

These are very simple easy to follow exercises for people looking to recover from an injury like me. It has help me improve my flexibility and strength and I hope it helps you to. For people that are recovering from an injury I strongly recommend a compression sleeve or some type of wrapping tape around your thigh, this will help the hamstring to heal faster. I have use one for my hamstring and it actually helps reduce the swelling and pain, wear it for a minimum of three months depending on the severity of the injury.


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