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Best Hobbies For Your Health

Updated on June 14, 2014
Gone Fishing
Gone Fishing | Source

Healthy Hobbies

A hobby that is good for your health is easy to find. You may already be indulging in your favourite hobby and find it not just only rewarding but healthy as well.

We may not realise immediately the benefits of some hobbies that can be healthy and good for our well being, but if we can see that our health can be improved or maintained you can further enjoy your hobby with the added knowledge that you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What can be healthy hobbies?

Gardening A Great Hobby



Gardening can be very rewarding as well as being creative and productive.It is not just the privacy of the shed and the open air that makes gardening good for your health.

You will be out there lifting ,digging ,squatting, carrying and walking. All these activities are similar to a light weight -training session and will help to keep your bones strong and healthy.This will be of a particular advantage to women and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

All that fresh air will help you to sleep better and once the harder jobs in your garden are completed you can relax and ease the tension with some soothing watering and pruning.

Make sure you grow some fresh herbs and vegetables and use some of the natural properties of herbs to help you stay healthy.

Puzzle Time


Crosswords and Puzzles

There is never a shortage of crosswords or puzzles and they can be found in your favourite newspaper or magazine.Now there is a wide variety of crosswords involving general knowledge and numbers to help with exercising your brain.

Your daily crosswords can help you with your psychological stimulation, creating a routine exercise that aids your brain training.

Solving crosswords and puzzles will help improve your concentration which will also in turn assist you with your memory.

As well as reducing stress recent studies have shown that older adults who partake in crossword puzzles do better on many types of cognitive tests than those who don't, suggesting it may help counteract the ageing process.

Remember if you don't use it, you lose it!


Fishing is a very popular participants sport, millions of people get involved in trying to get that elusive bite.

Once you are set up, fishing is a very gentle and easy going exercise.It has been found to be helpful for people recovering from small or minor operations. The gentle motions require no great strength and it also gives you the opportunity to reflect and ponder your thoughts in peaceful and natural surroundings.

The tranquil atmosphere and concentration needed to fish are thought to help release stress and ease depression.

Such is the case, that certain authorities are setting up fishing schemes to aid people with a range of mental health problems, and this is backed by the mental health charity Mind.

Healthy Hobbies Are Good For You

I am sure there are many more hobbies that can be good for you. Why not try to make it your aim to start a healthy hobby.

Try A Healthy Hobby

Would you take up a hobby to improve your health?

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