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Best Home Remedies and Health Plans For Babies

Updated on May 29, 2011

Healthy baby

Child care plans

Everyone wants the most affordable quality health plan for their family especially, the little ones in the family line; the babies or kids. Pediatrics are springing up every day by day yet, more and more babies are dying why? This is because many parents with a sick child struggle with the decision to contact a doctor. Some see their child’s doctor so often that the doctor’s office feels like their living room. Yet even these parents may worry about an insignificant problem and not act quickly for a critical condition. So how do you know when your baby or child needs a doctor’s attention?

Sick child, needs medical attention

Sings a baby needs a doctor’s attention urgently

If you notice or observe any of these signs in any baby under the age of three months, please contact the doctor immediately:

Abnormal temperature

1. Body temperature above 100 degrees is not normal with a baby of such age: ensure that the baby is not overly wrapped or the room temperature too hot. You can check this temperature through his rectum.

2. Temperature below 97 degrees with no clear cause, is a bad signal

Sudden Feeding Difficulty

1. If a baby suddenly changes in the rate at which he or she admits food or breast milk to say, less than 50% usual amount, something must be wrong, consult your doctor urgently.

Shift in Responsiveness

1. Persistent crying at the slightest stimulus is not a good sign

2. Excessive sleeping more than normal with difficulty to rouse

3. Convulsions (seizures)

4. Bloody diarrhea

5. Severe belly pain

6. Reduced urine production

7. Persistent vomiting

8. Very fast or slow breathing

9. Yellow eyes or skin (jaundice)

10. Floppy baby

11. Appearance of pupils or change in vision

12. Blue color or mouth and lip

13. Unusual walking steps (for walking children)

Breast every baby

Some preventive measures

Apart from seeing a personal doctor, you also need to take some preventive measures yourself, especially the mother. These include:

-          Sterilize all baby feeding aids, cleanliness is healthiness

-          Breast feed babies at least for six months, one year is more advisable

-          Immunize all children

-          Observe all child safety regulations: use a car seat belt when driving, helmet and life jackets as applicable

-          Always check a baby’s mouth, tongue and eye color each day

-          Follow their weight frequently

-          Keep all electrical appliances away from children

-          Avoid buying them harmful or sharp edged toys

Let us all join hands together and make this world a safer healthier place for all babies to live, say no to child abuse!


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