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Best Home Treatments for Eczema on Hands

Updated on June 16, 2012

Eczema on hands can become painful. This is problematic since the hands are in constant use throughout the day. Eczema on hands also can be embarrassing. Some home treatments for eczema on hands can help speed healing and make the symptoms less severe.

Because the hand eczema can be caused by handling chemicals like detergents or cleaners, the person should avoid touching these substances without wearing protective gloves. Hydrocortisone ointment is an over-the-counter treatment that can be applied to the eczema rash to promote healing. The person should follow the directions for information about how often to apply the ointment.

The eczema dries out the skin. Also, dry skin is susceptible to eczema rashes. Moisturizing is extremely important for people with eczema. Dyes and perfumes can trigger eczema rashes. Thin lotions do not moisturize as well as thick creams. Therefore, the person with hand eczema should buy a hypoallergenic cream to use at least twice a day.

Some eczema moisturizing creams are sold at drug stores and large retailers, but not all creams are created equal. The person may want to look for a cream that contains ceramides which are lipids that are necessary to repair the dry skin of an eczema rash.

A natural moisturizer for eczema is shea butter. Though shea butter is included in some commercial products, the amount of shea butter in the products may not be significant. It may be beneficial to obtain raw shea butter which is relatively cheap. Shea butter may not be sold in local stores, but it is available on the Internet through retailers like Amazon.

The raw shea butter can be applied directly to the eczema rashes. The person should test a small area of the rash and wait to make sure that it does not trigger an allergic reaction. This testing should be done any time the person tries a new skin care product.

Vegetable shortening like Crisco can be applied to the skin after showering. This eczema remedy was told to me by a dermatologist. The shortening seals moisture into the skin. The disadvantage of this eczema home treatment is that the shortening is obviously terribly greasy.

If itchiness is bothersome, the person may want to apply a cold compress. Lotions that contain menthol can have a cooling effect that distracts the mind from the itchiness. Some people use oral antihistamines, but many doctors believe these are not very effective for eczema itch.

Many products sold as herbal remedies for eczema are not effective treatments. Products with the active ingredients witch hazel or primrose oil may not be good eczema treatments since some studies have shown that these ingredients do not help eczema.

If home treatments for eczema on hands is not helping the condition improve, the person should consult a physician. Eczema rashes can become infected. If the person experiences increased tenderness or redness, fever, or heat emanating from the skin, the person should seek proper medical attention.


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