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Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment in America

Updated on February 21, 2013

Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment

A diagnosis of cancer is usually a hard one to take for a patient and their families. However, there is little time to mull over it. There is need to look for the best hospital for cancer treatment. In America, there are many well-known hospitals that have got very good feedback from former patients concerning treatment and the care they give patients. Most of these hospitals have invested in research of cancer and have the best oncologists that there can be. In coming up with a list of the best hospitals several factors are taken into consideration. However, it is important to know that some hospitals are more specialized in some form of cancers than others. So before making any decision on choosing one hospital over the other, either for you or for a family member, do so background checking. Your doctor will probably be more knowledgeable on the best cancer care hospital and will adequately advise you. Besides this other factors such as accommodation for outpatient hospitals and cost that the cancer centers charge will also determine a lot.


1. University of Texas, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston

The M.D Anderson center in Houston has been ranked in the first position for a period of time. Its research driven cancer services and the excellent service by their staff make it the best cancer treatment center in America. The hospitals mission is to eliminate cancer in the world. By focusing on research, their mission is achievable. In a survey of the cancer care in America’s hospitals, the M.D Anderson center has been ranked in the first position for seven out of nine years. The M.D Anderson center has some other regional centers in other states. The main center is however based in Houston, Texas.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


2. Memorial Sloan-Kettering, New York

The memorial Sloan Kettering is the oldest cancer treatment center in the world. It is not only the oldest but one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment. It was founded in 1884. It is also a national cancer institute center. Sloan Kettering center is a committed center with its focus on providing excellent out patient care. The hospital is also affiliated with the Sloan Kettering institute which is one of the leading biomedical research institutes. The hospital is committed to play a leading role in the cancer research with the setting up of a graduate school having a PhD program on cancer research to support patients.

The John Hopkins Hospital Baltimore


3. Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore

This hospital is recognized worldwide for their effort in cancer research and treatment. It is also known as the Sidney Kimmel comprehensive cancer center. The researchers in this hospital and the clinicians are in close contact to incorporate the research findings into the treatment setting for maximum benefit to the patient. The johns Hopkins is easily one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment due to the specialized programs for adults as well as kids. This hospital has also developed a comprehensive genetics service for those at high risk of ovarian, breast and other types of cancers. Besides the treatment for cancer patients, the hospital has a fully-fledged department that counsels the patients and the family members.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute


4. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

Dana-Farber was rated Number 4 in america and in a different study, It was rated Number one in New England.

The Mayo Clinic


5. The Mayo Clinic.

The Mayo clinic cancer center is a famous hospital known worldwide for its grate service to cancer patients and the subsequent patient satisfaction. When it comes to the top 10 hospitals for cancer treatment, Mayo clinic easily makes the list and rightly so. The Mayo clinic is located in Minnesota with additional clinics located in Florida, Rochester and Arizona. This increases the population on which the Mayo clinic is able to reach. The guiding philosophy of the Mayo clinic is to develop cancer care as a collaborative effort between the clinician, the cancer specialist and the researchers so as to provide the best patient care to the patients. If you live around the areas where Mayo clinic operates, then you should choose this hospital to receive cancer care for you or for a family member.

6. Duke University Medical Center, Durham, N.C.

Located on campus at Duke University, this medical center is the youngest of the top cancer centers on the list. Don't let its infancy fool you; Duke University Medical Center's clinical and research programs rival the best.

7. University of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor

Patient care is a top priority at U-M. They offer a "Cancer Answer Line", a telephone service which is staffed in oncology RN's. Anyone may use this service from patients to caregivers who are in need of assistance.

8. UCLA Medical Center, Los Angeles

UCLA's claim to fame was making the first diagnosis of the AIDS virus. The cancer research is award winning. UCLA has made the list 15 consecutive years.

9. University of California, San Francisco Medical Center

UCSF is the one of a handful of cancer centers to receive the title "Comprehensive Cancer Center" in the state of California. They also offer a Cancer Research Center, which is available to patients, caregivers and anyone interested in cancer treatment.

10. University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle

UW is an outstanding cancer hospital. They treat most cancers, common and rare. They offer services from consultation, diagnosis, treatment and follow up care.

Choosing one Hospital Over The other

Having looked at the best hospitals for cancer treatment in America, it is important to note that making a decision to visit one hospital over another will be informed by a combination of factors. However, the most important factors, on my opinion would be the availability of accommodation or an easy travel plan, the hospital bills (find out if the center accepts your insurance plan) and the specialty of the hospitals. In making a decision, consult your family members and your family doctor. Do some research on the best hospitals to find out more information about them. If you would find former patients of a cancer center, they would be in a position to give more information about the medical care they received. Such kind of patients would be found in online forums where cancer patients render support to each other. The national cancer institute also offers good information and has some designated centers. This information can be found on their website.


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