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GLM Is The Best Joint Supplement, Period.

Updated on June 17, 2014

Green lipped mussels are the common name for Perna Canaliculus, a shellfish that is unique in many ways. It is one of the oceans largest shellfish, and its odd appearance is described in its name, but its most interesting uniqueness is its nutritional content. It is packed full of anti-inflammatory fatty acids and complex carbohydrates. It also has a high content of quality amino-acid based proteins. This one, two, three punch of omega-3s, complex carbs, and proteins, makes powder derived from the green lipped mussels the best joint supplement.

It seems that the mussels are a perfect storm of biological, environmental, and political elements. The mussel feeds on vitamin rich phytoplankton that only grows in the pristine waters of New Zealand. The waters are regulated by the New Zealand government, which has standards well within the boundaries of the FDA. The mussels have a mythical history, backed up by modern science. For centuries the mussels were limited to the south pacific, but due to new preservation methods and the Internet, the world’s best joint supplement is available to everybody.

The most amazing benefit of the mussels are their effects in treating arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions; it can be both debilitating and disheartening. Asthma is sudden and scary, and it is one of the most common inflammatory conditions in children. Green lipped mussels treat all of these conditions, and because it is natural, the side effects are minimal, especially when compared to steroids or narcotics.

Besides being the best joint supplement, green lipped mussels promotes good health in all aspects of the body, from better nervous and circulatory function, to improved appearance of skin and reversal of aging, the green lipped mussel health benefits go on and on…

They contain antioxidants, vitamins like Vitamin C and Copper, which chase down free radicals and cleanse the body of their degenerative effects.

They contain fatty acids that increase the quickness of brain function and decrease the chances of having a stroke.

They contain healthy proteins, lipids, and mineral salts that improve the immune system and rebuild tissues and joints.

Green lipped mussel powdered health supplements are the best joint supplement.


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