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Best Leg Exercise Equipment

Updated on December 28, 2014

Choosing The Best Leg Exercise Equipment For A Home Gym

The leg muscles tend to get neglected by many male weight trainers. However, if you want optimal overall muscularity you need to build your quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves. Intense leg training will also boost your levels of natural testosterone so you build more muscle mass all over your body.

These days, many people prefer training at home to joining gym. It may seem like a costly endeavor to buy equipment for a home gym, but in the long you'll actually save money with the high monthly fees at many gyms these days. If you decide to work out at home, you'll need to purchase the right equipment to train your leg muscles.

If you want to set up a home gym, you need to choose the best leg exercise equipment. For optimal leg training you'll need a squat rack, a leg extension/leg curl machine or bench attachment, and a clf raise machine. If you like to run for cardio, you can also purchase a treadmill for your home.

Squat Racks

When you're looking for the best leg exercise equipment, a squat rack is a necessity. The squat is not only the best exercise to build your leg muscles, it's also likely the best overall weight training exercise there is. So many muscles get involved when you do heavy squats that you'll be training your whole body when you do them. You also get a natural testosterone boost when you squat, which will lead to more overall muscle growth.

A squat rack is a must have if you want to squat heavy weights. When you do squats, you need to get the weight on your upper/traps area. To do this, you have to walk up to the loaded barbell and get under it. When you get the weight on your back, you then need to squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor and use the muscles of the legs and hips to lift the weight until you are back into a standing position.

One great thing about a good squat rack is that you'll be able to either move forward a bit or let the weight go and land on stoppers if you can't get the weight up. This will give you peace of mind when you squat and you'll be able to go heavier without worry.

Another thing that makes a squat rack a great piece of leg exercise equipment is the fact that you can use it to do many exercises, including bench presses and deadlifts.

Leg Extension and Leg Curl Machines

Leg extension and leg curl machines are also excellent when you're looking for the best leg exercise equipment for a home gym. There are many machines that have both leg extension and leg curl capabilities, which is perfect when you're setting up a home gym since it will save you space and money. You can also fing leg extension/curl extensions for many weight benches.

Working out on a leg extension machine will help you build the teardrop muscle of the quadriceps. You sit on the machine with the fronts of your lower legs behind the pads and raise them until your legs are straight and parallel to the floor. You should concentrate on contracting your quadriceps muscles hard at the top of each rep.

Leg curl machines are great for training the hamstring muscles located on the backs of your thighs. You lie face down on a leg curl machine and put the backs of your lower legs under the pads then lift the weight towards your rear end. Contract your hamstrings strong in the middle of each rep for the best results.

Calf Raise Machines

If you want to build your calves at home, calf raise machines are the best leg exercise equipment to use. You use your calf muscles every time you walk or run and it takes very intense training to get them to grow for most prople. To build both muscles of the calves you need to perform standing and seated calf raises.

A standing calf raise machine will allow you to train the gastrocnemius muscles of the calves. Most of these machines will have a small ledge for you to place the balls of your feet on and pads where you put your shoulders. You then lower your heels to get a nice stretch in the calves and raise them up until you are on your toes for a strong contraction.

Seated calf raises are among the best leg exercise equipment because you'll be able to train the soleus muscles of the calves on them. You lower and raise your heels just like you would on a standing calf raise machine, but while seated with your upper legs under pads.


If you like running for cardio, you can use a treadmill as the best leg workout equipment. Many men and women enjoy running for exercise, and a treadmill will allow you to do this in the comfort of home. This is perfect for you if you prefer exercising in private or the weather is bad outside.

The top leg exercise equipment for running is a treadmill that you can easily change the speed and incline on. You can keep the speed low to walk or to warm-up before a run. When you can adjust the incline of the treadmill you'll get the same benefits as running up a hill would, which is great when you want to train with more intensity.

The best treadmills will show you how far you've ran or walked, how many calories you've burned, your heart rate, and more.

Leg Presses and Hack Squats

If you have the space and budget, you can get a leg press or hack squat for your home gym. These are large pieces of weight training equipment and certainly not cheap, but if you are going to get use out of them as they are great for working the legs.

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