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Best Meditation Apps to Improve Mindfulness

Updated on March 2, 2018

Whether finding a good meditation practice was one of your New Year's resolutions or, like me, you've been trying to get that inner peace in gear for many fruitless moons, there's some good news: the change you've been looking for can start right now. This second. I'm serious.

Here for your ohm-ing pleasure (and knowledge) is a reliable list of the best meditation apps out there. Not every approach works for every person, mind you, but a little dabbling goes a long way in getting you on the road to peace.


Possibly my favorite, certainly the most hyped. Headspace's interface is simple, user-friendly to the extreme, and - drumroll, please - IT REALLY WORKS. You can sign up for free, which is just fab, and beyond that your process is pretty customizable so you can take those early lessons pertaining to calming your crazy brain thoughts and apply them to whatever issues you feel need addressing. In lieu of [being able to afford] a therapist, I go straight to Headspace to get my nerves and mind to calm the heck down.

Insight Timer

This was the first one I tried, and what I love about it is OPTIONS. Insight Timer offers literally thousands of meditations with their various guides, all of which are also free. Unlike Headspace, this app doesn't guide you through the process like a Meditation 101 course; instead it lets you pick and choose what you want based on the needs of that moment, like a big welcoming library of inner tranquility. So it's great for people who have a bit of meditation experience under their belts, but can also be totally accessible to the novices among us.

Simple Habit - Meditation

Simple Habit touts itself as the "best meditation app for busy people." It demands only five minutes of your day in order to relieve the stress of day-to-day hustling and get you darn brain to a place of clarity and focus. If you're a busy bee businessy type human with lofty goals, this just might be you cup of matcha! The basic app is free, but Simple Habit offers premium subscriptions for unlimited access if you feel like you may need to up that dosage, baby.


I know - just the name has you feeling all floaty, doesn't it? Calm (the app, not the mood) utilizes more than just meditation practices to get you to that good place; the soothing sounds of nature will get your journey started like the melodic creations of ancient gurus come back to whisper in your ear. Beyond that the app offers a curated collection of actual guided meditations (all miraculously free) in a wide range of lengths, as well as some patented options for sleepy time, forgiveness, and a "Body Scan" to help you locate tension in the, well, body. As with the previous app, a small fee gets you access to more varied and specialized content.

Of course, there are many, many more apps on the market vying for your attention, some that feature a fitness-oriented approach and some that charge you more for more or different content. Feel free to share your own favorites or experiences with the above apps in the comments. Happy meditating, friends!


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    • thedinasoaur profile image


      9 months ago from California

      This is such a nice hub! Kind of serendipitous, too, because I am trying to foster more meditation and mindfulness into my daily life. It is often recommended to me by my therapist, too (and other doctors. I am very anxious all the time). I am fond of Head Space the most, so I like seeing it get some love.


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