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Portable Massage Chair Tips and Tricks

Updated on September 16, 2015

Portable Massage Chair Reviews

Portable Massage chairs can be a very convenient option for any massage therapists when they are up against the clock.

Many massage therapists have a routine or various versions of routines that can range from 5 minutes to hours.

A portable massage chair allows you to add even more variations and styles to your massaging techniques to help clients get the most out of their experience while saving you time.

Massage Chair Safety And Environment

Just like with any professional massage therapist, they know to ask the "right questions" and give the right instructions to their clients before beginning any massage.

Not asking these questions can cause more problems and complications to the client. Make sure you ask them if they have any recent cuts, sores, injuries, or medical complications that may have slipped their mind before you begin.

You may also want to ask if they are currently being treated by a doctor or taking a medication that your massage may somehow affect.

Aspirin before an intense massage session can sometimes cause bruising and pain killers can increase a persons tolerance of pain causing you to apply unnecessary pressure.

If you are massaging a woman who is pregnant, or trying to get pregnant, some areas are important to stay away from as they may make her uncomfortable or worse, cause uterine contractions.

Ask if they have eaten recently, people with diabetes woho haven't eaten in awhile can experience increased weakness and fatigue when going through a massage

Make sure the environment is at a conformable temperature so they don't feel too chilly or begin sweating abnormally, if you notice them getting agitated or restless, you should stop and ask if everything is fine.

Remember to have them remove there glasses before placing their face in the face cradle.

Massage Chair Preparation

Explain to your client or the one receiving the massage that a chair massage is different than a traditional table massage.

You can either tell them what amount of pressure you will use and let them indicate to you with a thumbs up or thumbs down if they want you to apply more pressure during the massage. Just make sure your client has a way to communicate with you.

Fitting The Massage Chair

Depending on the size of the person receiving the massage, you may have to adjust the chair position to accommodate the size of the person.

While some chairs are easier to work with than others, generally it gets easier with time and familiarity with the massage chair you are using.

It is best to get used to adjusting and knowing where all the levers and adjustments points are before you use your massage chair for the first time.

Beginning the Actual Chair Massage

As discussed earlier, you and the masagee should come to an agreement on what pressure feels most comfortable for them which may change throughout the massage.

Rhythm deals with the speed or tempo at which you do your strokes which can easily be influenced by what type of music you are listening too. So make sure the type of music you pick so conducive to the energy you want to use in your massage.

Sequencing deals with what moves you choose for the massage and in what order, which should be unique to the type of massage and relief your client is looking for. Although most professionals who choose to use chair massage techniques have some form or variations of a routine, it is no absolutely necessary to have one.

Most importantly, you should be creative and find find a way of doing things that incorporate your passion and show the love you have for the work you do, just be safe.

Transitions deal with moving from one part of the body to another as well as from one stroke to another. This is a very important step that if not done right, will make the whole experience feel uncomfortable and choppy.

Don't work in the same place too long, doing this can sometimes lead to trigger point referral and unless treated will leave the person feeling worse than before the massage.

5 stars for Best Price to Performance Ratio

Portable Massage Chair, Therabuilt® ApexTM

Therabuilts Portable massage chair is one of the most popular all around performers for portable massager chair solutions.

It starts out at an affordable price and has many of the features of some of the more high-end massage chairs.

Its has a range of functionality that allows the massager to adjust for different body types and make sure their clients are as comfortable as possible.

With a very high weight allowance of 300 pounds, it will fit most clients and customers that come your way.

Massage Chair Poll:

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More Massage Chair Tips

Show your client how to get on and off of the massage chair so they don't sit on it the wrong way if they haven't had a massage before.

Sometimes older massage chairs that don't have latches can be dangerous and collapse as the person attempts to dismount the chair incorrectly. These older chairs are harder to find these days, but it is still good policy to show proper mounting and dismounting techniques to prevent any injury.

Many times a person can become a bit disoriented after a massage and not have a firm footing before moving, make sure you assist them through this phase after the massage.

How To Give A Professional Chair Massage


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