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Best Pre Workout Supplement For Men

Updated on February 5, 2013


A perfectly toned body with lean muscles in every right spots is a dream of every man. In order to get the perfect body shape, many men follow a strict diet plan on top of vigorous exercises. Right move, but sometimes just the hard-works doesn't get you the results. In order to quickly get quality muscles, you need the right nutrients to supply your body with materials need to build muscles. And most of the times the nutrients you get from food just aren't enough. So it would be wise to add pre-workout supplements to your natural diet.

So what are the pre-workout supplements and how they help men who workout? Pre-workout supplements are nutritional supplements that help your body to carry out more vigorous exercises, and recover faster after the vigorous exercises.

Some Of the Market Leaders In Pre Workout Supplements

Choosing the best pre-workout supplement for men may be a bit confusing and hard, since all brands boast that they are the best. So to help you to choose the right pre-workout supplement, here are some of the brands that are highly recommend among men who workout. Note that pre-workout supplement come in different forms, such as powders, capsules, or ready-to-drink liquid.

1. Betancourt Bullnox Androrush Pre Workout Supplement

Betancourt Bullnox Androrush tops the list of best pre workout supplements for men, as the supplement works in an aggressive way to grow the muscles stronger by the testosterone ignition. The product can be easily ordered online or can be purchased from most supplement stores. A pack of the Bullnox cost around $25, and shopping online can save you money. And for people with different tastes, the company makes different flavors such as sugar-free orange, and fruit punch.

2. Jack3D Micro Pre Workout Supplement

Jack3D Micro is another excellent product from the manufacturers of the Jack3D. One thing to note about Jack3D Micro is that it is good for a long-term use, so you can fit this supplement into your long-term regular diet. The buyer can purchase the 5.1-Ounce bottle of Jack3D micro for around $22.50.

3. MusclePharm Assault Pre Workout supplement

MusclePharm Assault is a great product for those who want to increase the energy level in addition to the body mass. MusclePharm Assault is available in different flavors, watermelon being having a notable taste. The pack of 32 serving is around $30.

4. Cellucore C4 Pre Workout supplement

Cellucore C4 recently gained popularity due to the positive responses. Cellucore C4 is highly praised and provides good strength to the body during workout. A 30 servings pack for around $30.


The above pre-workout supplements are some of the market leaders, with high ratings from their customers. But these are only a few suggestions, so pick a couple and find the one(s) that works for you the best. Some people's biggest challenge is finding a right taste, since many of these don't taste like what they say so on the bottle. So narrow down the nutrition you need first, then pick a brand that has the tastes that you can swallow. If you can't, capsules are great alternative, but not all brands make capsule forms.

It is always a good idea to talk to a physical trainer for an advise on what nutritional supplement is needed for your goals. And as all other nutritional supplements, it is best to talk to your doctor before you start any taking any, especially if you have special medical conditions.

So workout hard, and have some fun getting ripped or losing some weight :)


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