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Best Pre Workouts For Men

Updated on August 31, 2013

What Defines Strong Pre Workouts

Strong pre workouts have simple and distinct differences from all others. First off, they contain multiple energy pathways. Second, they have multiple forms of creatine and amino acids. And third, they make the weak puke.

After a long day of work, this is the exact combination that a real man needs. A product just as vicious and determined as its consumer. A pre workout ready to get the job done because the guy taking it wont tolerate any less.

Powerful Pre Workout Option 1

Musclepharm Assault Pre Workout

Assault is not new to the game. However, it definitely supports a new way of thinking in regards of pre workout supplement formulation. Assault is multi creatine, multi amino acid, pump matrix, caffeine loaded. Not only will you perform more work in the gym, you will be setting up the perfect storm of conditions for desired muscle growth and expansion.

Powerful Pre Workout Option 2

BPI Pump-HD Pre Workout

BPI Pump-HD effectively combines the bodybuilding fuel of Silk Amino Acids, Creatine, Massive Nitric Oxide Pump, and a powerful feel-good stimulant. The first time I tried this product on chest day, my bench rose 15 pounds and my chest felt pumped for an additional 3 hours after the workout. If you don't have a buddy to bum a serving off of, I highly recommend finding another means to get your hands on this stuff.

Powerful Pre Workouts Are Not For Everyone

These are great pre workout products. However, every one is different. For those of you who are constantly disappointed with pre workouts not having enough power, then these are great options that should help you out. However if your looking for a pre workout in general and tend to not like certain characteristics of pre workouts ex: tingling, energy, etc. Then, you should check out the useful resources below.

Pre Workout Side Effects

The Purpose of pre workout supplements is to boost your performance and make your lifting routine more fruitful for you. However, if you are having negative side effects from your pre workout, then its time to make adjustments. While rare, issues that can happen to select men are as follows.

1. Headaches:

On average, 70% of headaches are due to not enough water intake. when you are lifting, a lot is going on with your water content: a.) your sweating it out; b.) your muscles are expanding and absorbing water; c.) caffeine is a diuretic and increases your affinity to urinate. What this means? Unless you are drinking water during your workout, water is literally being sucked out of your brain, causing headaches. During intense workouts, you should drink at least a liter of water- problem solved.

About 20% of headaches are due to low blood sugar. If you have not had a meal within 2 or 3 hours of hitting the gym, chances are your blood sugar is quite low. What does this mean? Well, instead of processing simple sugars for fuel, your body will be processing fats and proteins which take work and have acidic byproducts. Ultimately, this causes a lack of easy energy to the brain which can result in headaches or light-headedness.

The remaining percentage is often due to caffeine intolerance. Simply put, you are taking in too much caffeine, and your body cant handle it. What to do- switch up to a lower caffeine pre workout supplement and all should be well.

2. Cramps

Either you are not taking in enough water, enough potassium and magnesium, or your taking too much creatine which is altering your water concentrations. What to do? Start taking a ZMA, drink plenty of water, and watch how much creatine you take, specifically, see how much creatine your getting from all of your supplements.

Strong Pre Workout Reviews and Feedback

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