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Best Recipes Help You Lose Weight Quickly

Updated on March 26, 2018

Is There Any Recipes for Quick Weight Loss?

We offer a variety of food recipes to reduce belly fat by 400 calories. It will make you eat fewer calories, making it much easier to lose weight without feeling hungry. Fast, healthy and delicious meals when you try to eat them regularly.

Most people prefer a diet of 1,500 calories. It is the total number of calories for all nutrients. Try to keep your meal below 400 calories to help keep your diet on track.

We offer you food recipes rich in protein and fiber that increase the feeling of satiety and not feeling hungry, which is very low in calories too.

Weight loss food recipes
Weight loss food recipes

Tips for Your Diet:

Do not eat foods with high calories in the evening.

Drink plenty of water, before and after eating.

Before going to sleep, you should eat two hours ago and eat snacks such as salads and soups.

Diet Recipes to Reduce Belly Fat

1 - Green Pasta Salad

This salad is based on offering a good flavor by adding olive, basil. The mixture of colors is a colored pepper cube, carrot slices, tomato slices to add vitamins and minerals. Preferably served with 3 ounces of chicken breasts.

green pasta salad
green pasta salad

Ingredients :

2 cups whole wheat.

1/3 cup low-fat Mayonnaise.

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

1 tablespoon of vinegar.

1 garlic cloves.

Teaspoon salt.

1 cup tomatoes.

Half the fruit of fresh green pepper.

1 cup red or yellow pepper cubes.

1 cup grated carrots.

1/2 cup of Kalamata olives.

1/2 cup chopped green onions.

1/3 cup basil leaves.


Bring a pot of water with salt and boil on the fire to cook the pasta for 8 - 10 minutes or as directed by your packaging.

Hot water, mayonnaise, yogurt, oil, vinegar, garlic, salt and pepper in a large bowl for a soft mixture.

Then add the pasta to the mixture.

Then add tomatoes, peppers, carrots, green onions, olives, and basil.

2 - Beef Salad

This salad is served with Thai-style beef. Add a sweet touch by adding a set of ingredients to be served with full bread and apple fruit to enjoy.

Beef salad
Beef salad


12 ounces of steaks or other types of boneless meat.

1/4 tablespoon salt.

1/4 teaspoon fresh pepper.

1/4 cup lemon juice.

3 tablespoons fish sauce.

2 teaspoons sugar.

1 garlic clove grated.

1 teaspoon red pepper powder.

1 green pepper.

1 red pepper.

6 cups of lettuce.

1/2 red onions.

1/2 cup sliced cucumber.

1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves.

Peppermint leaves.


Heat the pan over medium temperature.

Sprinkle the steak with salt and pepper and grill the steak on each side for 6 minutes each side.

Transfer the steak to a clean shredding dish and leave for 5 minutes to cool before slicing into pieces.

At the same time processing a small bowl to whisk each of the lemon juice, fish sauce, garlic, sugar, red pepper together.

Cut the melon into small cubes with red pepper and combine them in a bowl.

Combine lettuce, onion, cucumber, coriander, and mint together.

Try adding beef steaks to the salad plate and whisking the salad sauce to combine them gently before serving them.

3 - Indian Spiced Chicken

You can make a healthy meal by preparing grilled chicken breasts to get a few calories in addition to whole wheat bread, fresh vegetables, and ripe yogurt sauce.

Indian spiced chicken
Indian spiced chicken

Ingredients :

1 pound of chicken breasts free of skin and bone.

1,5 tablespoons of masala.

3/4 teaspoon salt.

1 cup sliced thin cucumber.

1 tablespoon fresh coriander.

2 teaspoons lemon juice.

The amount of black pepper.

1 cup lettuce slices.

2 tomatoes cut into strips.

1/4 cup red onion slices.


Heat medium-sized frying pan and place on top rack of the oven.

Cover the meat bowl with cooking sprays, and sprinkle with half a teaspoon of salt.

Place the chicken on the grill rack for cooking at 164 ° F for 4-8 minutes each, depending on the meat of your chicken breast.

Pour the chicken into a clean dish, cut it into pieces and allow it to rest for 5 minutes.

At the same time combine cucumber, yogurt, coriander and lemon juice half hung from the mascara, salt, and pepper together. For the salad, cut chicken meat into small cubes and mix all ingredients together.

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4 - Italian Vegetable Sandwich

The sandwiches are very delightful and fairly easy to implement. Contains basmati vinegar, artichokes, red onions and provolone cheese. You can eat it at a meal because it has a low-calorie count.

Italian vegetable sandwich
Italian vegetable sandwich

Ingredients :

1/4 cup red onion slices.

1 oz slices of artichoke hearts.

1 medium-sized tomatoes.

2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

1 tbsp excellent olive oil.

1 teaspoon of dried spices.

French full bread.

2 slices of Provolone cheese.

Half a cup of lettuce.


Put the rings of red onions in a small bowl with the addition of cold water to cover the onion and then placed on the side until you are processing the other ingredients.

You can combine the hearts of artichokes, tomatoes, vinegar, dried spices, in a medium-sized bowl and cut French bread into 4 equal parts to divide each piece into two halves.

Do not forget to filter the onion and dry it.

To collect sandwiches, put a layer of Provolone cheese between the bottom of the French bread and then distribute the artichoke mixture and put the onions in the top layer. In the end, he put another layer of French bread to serve sandwiches immediately.

5 - Turkey Soup and Squash

This recipe is inspired by Turkish cuisine. Get a low-calorie soup and nourish the body by adding a little red pepper, fresh lemon juice. You can use leftovers from turkey or chicken.

Turkey soup
Turkey soup


2 tablespoons of canola oil.

1 red pepper, sliced into slices.

3 garlic cloves minced.

4 cups low-sodium chicken broth.

1.5 lb coconut.

2 tablespoons fresh chopped thyme.

1,5 tablespoons cumin powder.

1 kg turkey meat.

2 cups corn kernels.

2 tablespoons lemon juice.

1/2 teaspoon red pepper powder.

1/4 teaspoon salt.


Heat the oil at medium temperature, then add leeks and pepper to cook with stirring until the vegetables begin to become more soft for 4 minutes.

Add garlic, cook for 1 more minutes.

Then add chicken broth, squash, thyme, and cumin and cover the bowl to boil.

Once the broth boils you can reduce the temperature to cook vegetables for 10 minutes. Add turkey and corn for another 4 minutes before adding lemon juice and red pepper powder, then mix with salt

6 - Fried Chicken Salad

Fried chicken salad
Fried chicken salad


6 tablespoons of yogurt.

1/4 cup skimmed mayonnaise.

1 tablespoon curry powder.

2 cups of cooked chicken breast cubes.

1 sliced pear fruit.

Celery Stalk.

1/2 cup dried berries or almond slices.

Whole wheat bread.


Combine yogurt, mayonnaise and curry powder in a bowl with chicken, pear, celery, cranberry and almonds added to whole wheat bread. Now you get half a cup of chicken salad.

7 - Cheesecake and Broccoli

Cheesecake and broccoli
Cheesecake and broccoli


2 tablespoons of dry bread crumbs.

4 eggs.

1 cup milk.

1/2 teaspoon of warm sauce like Tabasco.

2 cups whole wheat bread cubes.

3 cups of broccoli.

2 tablespoons olive oil.

4 slices of meat.

1 medium onion.

1 cup grated mozzarella cheese.


Heat the oven to 350 ° F and heat a deep frying pan with cooking sprays with the addition of breadcrumbs.

Then, whisk eggs, milk, hot sauce and pepper in a large bowl to add breadcrumbs to it before adding the container in the refrigerator.

You can cook the broccoli on steam for 3 minutes and then remove from the water and cut into small slices.

In a medium-sized frying pan, heat the oil and add the meat and onions to the pan.

You can continue to beat until the cauliflower turns golden for 3 - 5 minutes.

Then add the onion mixture and cauliflower to the egg mixture and stir the cheese to add them in a pan to distribute evenly.

And now bread cheese pie and broccoli until it turns to light golden color for 45 minutes.

Leave it to cool a little and cut it into pieces so you can eat it.

8 - Tuna Salad

The recipe of tuna salad is packed with protein and fiber and you can prepare it easily. For more flavor, you can add a little red pepper.

Tuna salad
Tuna salad


1 ounce of beans such as chickpeas,

Black peas.

1 ounce of water.

1 large red pepper.

1/2 cup chopped red onions.

1 cup fresh parsley.

1 tablespoon finely chopped rosemary.

1/2 cup lemon juice.

4 tablespoons olive oil.

Pepper and salt as desired.


Combine the beans, tuna, pepper, onion, parsley, rosemary, lemon juice, olive oil, in a medium-sized bowl and mix well together.

Combine the amount of remaining lemon juice with you and 2 tablespoons of oil and salt in a large bowl.

Add greenery to power. Now the tuna salad is ready to be easily eaten.


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