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Confessions of a Serial Dieter - By kalli Purie A Review

Updated on February 10, 2013
Confessions of a Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie
Confessions of a Serial Dieter By Kalli Purie
TO HERE!!!!! : )
TO HERE!!!!! : )

Confessions of a Serial Dieter

This is one Book that almost reads like an Autobiography and a Novel rolled into one. With a lot of Drama, Melo drama, the Tragedies, the Failures, the Victories and the Sob Stories that come with Dieting is what makes the core of the story-Kalli's own Story.

Kalli in her Book demystifies the process of living a healthy, fit and fulfilling life... This Book is an inspiration as the Author herself has been struggling with issues of obesity.Her experiences and secrets from over 43 Diets and Workouts tried and tested by her are what make this book a Must Read.

The Tips and Ideas she gives are very different from the regular monotonous ones that we usually read in Books related to dieting.

Kalli frankly throws light on the problems, humiliations and physical discomforts that overweight people face. She doesn't just Preach she Practices it first and then tells you the Pros and Cons of her diet.

There are a lot of puns, one liners and her sense of humor is what gets you to read the book like a thriller. You can't just put it down.She starts by saying that the reason you need to read it

Thin People Lie

You ask a thin person So what have you been doing? They say OH Nothing!

I Am Naturally Thin

According to Purie anyone thin after 30 is works at it.

Weight is a sensitive topic and fat people are bothered by it whether they accept it or not. Its not cute and its not funny.

Its a vicious cycle

You put on weight ! You look not so good. Nothing fits. You are down and out. You eat some chocolate. You feel good. You eat some more. Put on more weight.

Fat is not beautiful being FIT Is.

I don't have the time but i have the weight.

There is no such thing as No Time For Exercise. We can always make time for what we really like to do.

I work full time

Just because you work full time doesn't mean you eat full time.

your other excuses are invalid too

I have a great personality, i don't need to lose weight.

My Spouse loves me the way I am.

She has a Hot Body but look at her Nose!!! At least I have a nice face.

She lost the charm when she lost her weight.

At least i don't have Wrinkles.

On the personal front, she is a prominent media professional in India and has been a part of the India Today Group since 1996. Apart from being a successful businesswoman, Kalli is also a mom to two children.

Her Diet Trials go through the different phases of her life. She even pins up her pictures to motivate people to see how she really looks like. When she's Four! When in Love! Her Wedding Diet. Her Exercise Regime for the Perfect Dress to wear to her Sister's French Wedding. The only warning in this book is the way some of the dishes and delicacies are described, one may be tempted to stop reading and try tasting the temptations. Time and again The Book also gives us her favorite personal recipes.

Her Diets and Workouts are also out of the Box Trials and Errors ranging from









She does finally reach her goal and she lives to tell the tale and how she still manages to maintain the same.


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