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Best Treadmills - Why I Like The Horizon Evolve

Updated on March 10, 2012

Just One Look - The Horizon Evolve

Just a quick glance at the Horizon Evolve treadmill will tell you there is something a little different about this exercise machine.

Go ahead and look. We have time.

Yeah, that's right. It folds away into almost nothing. You can store it in a closet, against a wall, or even under your bed. That means you really only need a very small space to plant your treadmill and just when you are using it. It is an especially nice feature if your pressed for space. ( or if you just down want a treadmill taking up space in your home)

Another great thing about the Horizon Evolve is that it comes fully assembled. You'd be surprised - unpleasantly - at how many treadmills arrive at your doorstep in need of assembly! With this treadmill you just slide it out of the box and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Other features of the Horizon Evolve treadmill.

  • It has wheels kind of like a wheelbarrow. It only weighs 99 pounds so you can easily move it around.
  • It is best suited for walkers and joggers. The running surface is 17 inches by 45 inches. While that will suffice for walking and jogging, I wouldn't think it would work for serious runners.
  • It has a 1.5 continuous duty horsepower motor that powers all things electrical like the LCD console and the heart rate monitoring, and the workout programs.
  • The Horizon Evolve is not cheap but fairly inexpensive as treadmills go. I found it at $499.99 but prices fluctuate and you might have better or worse luck.
  • The controls on the console are simple and easy to read. You'll be able to monitor your speed, distance traveled, time on the treadmill, and calories burned while you are exercising.

The Horizon Evolve really does represent an evolution in treadmill design. It is a treadmill built to fit into the particular needs of many of us with space, pace, and budget concerns. That is why I like the Horizon Evolve treadmill.

The Horizon Evolve folds down into a very compact space. NEAT!
The Horizon Evolve folds down into a very compact space. NEAT!

What's It Like Having a Horizon Evolve Treadmill in Your Home?

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    • njames306 profile image

      njames306 5 years ago

      I have just purchased a Roger Black Fitness treadmill, and within less than a week, I am already a big fan. Motorised incline, and raised button adjustment on the side arms, make speed and incline changes so easy. Top marks.