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Best Ways to Cover up Stretch Marks

Updated on March 8, 2014

Stretch marks appear on 80% of pregnant women and 60% of female teenagers due to hormonal changes. Males are not spared either as over 35% of men get them too. Although some people may go for treatments, it may take some time as it cannot be successful overnight. Treatments require patients to work in the skin as it will help repair, heal and rejuvenate. Nonetheless, for those suffering from these bothersome streaks, using cover up is the best alternative. There are limitless effective ways that will help you cover up stretch marks.

Here are some great ways that will keep your stretch marks hidden!

1. Dress the part with streaks…You can cover the affected parts by wearing apparels that are able to hide these areas. In case you have them on the upper arm, try and dress sleeved tops and shirts. In case you have streaks on the thighs, you may wear jeans. Some people are uncomfortable with jeans, if that’s the case, you may use stockings or long skirts as an alternative.

2. Use make up…In some instances, certain clothes may constrain you from being comfortable particularly when you are only dressing them to cover up these streaks. In such cases, the best way to cover up stretch marks is by using makeup. You may powder the exposed parts of your body. Alternatively, you can also use foundations that match the color of your skin in order to camouflage your streaks.

3 .Use blend in…Another way to cover up stretch marks is through sunless tanning treatments. They are known to be effective as well. There are two alternatives for you. You may use salon tanning treatments or the counter self-tanning sprays. Although natural tanning and tanning bed do not reduce the appearance of stretch marks, they will greatly help you cover your problem areas in a way that is not visible to others. This method also works very fast.

4. Conceal…For most people who suffer from stretch marks, skin texture and skin color is the major concern to them. However, concealer is the best product to cover up stretch marks. This product is often used on the skin before foundation is applied. The product is not only effective when it comes stretch marks cover up but also other things such as age spots, broken capillaries, dark under eye circle and skin discolorations. If you have normal to oily skin type, choose dry creamy concealer. On the other hand, if your skin is dry type, liquid concealer is suitable for you.

Although most people want to solve stretch mark problem once and for all, it may take some time before they can see success even with treatments. However, the good news is that there are many ways that can be used to cover up stretch marks. These were an effective and can save the day even if it's temporary. They will greatly help you cover your streaks and the best thing is you don't have to use them on a daily basis; you can use them when you need to.


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