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Best Workout Supplements For Men 2013/2014

Updated on June 22, 2014

Top Workout Supplements

There is an endless surplus of exercise based supplements for sale today. Choosing the right workout supplements for yourself can be a challenging task. The Nutraceutical market is larger than it has ever been and will continue to keep growing. Provided here are resources and facts focusing on the best workout supplements for men. Now you can become educated, save time, and get the results that you are working hard for.

I've taken a lot of different stuff!

Over the course of my weight training carrier (hobby, obsession, lifeblood) I've taken so many things. A few have helped me, a few were a waste of money, and a few I just absolutely love. If you're into fitness and working out, but have been feeling drained - I think its time you start heavily researching the supplements out there.

They are not going to do the work for you, but they will make it a little more bearable, mentally and physically. A little extra energy or increased recovery can really go a long way. Yes or yes?

Pre Workout Supplements: Popular Supplements In Strength Training

Pre workout supplements are products formulated to give you additional energy, power, and endurance during your workout. Typically taken 30 minutes prior to strength training, pre workout supplements come in a variety of flavors and ingredient cocktails designed for achieving specific goals. Pre workout supplements are not meant for every individual, furthermore pre workout supplements vary drastically in intensity. Proper research on pre workout supplements is important prior to use if you are caffeine sensitive, have health implications, or simply want the best product for you.

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Best Protein Shakes

Taking Protein is an important part of strength training. Without it, your strength and physique gains are compromised. Taking protein immediately after physical activity promotes proper metabolism, muscle gains, strength gains, and a lean, toned physique. A valueble resource on which protein is best for you can be found here: Best protein to take

Infinite Labs Juggernaut

Juggernaut Pre Workout
Juggernaut Pre Workout

Featured Pre Workout Drink

We're happy to feature Infinite Labs Juggernaut pre workout as this months featured high performance pre workout drink. We've personally experienced it, and second the rave that many of you started- Juggernaut is a powerful pre workout worth checking out. Featured Pre Workout selection brought to you by the best pre workout supplement review page.

Best Test Boosters For Weight Training

Testosterone boosters(Tboosters, Test Boosters) are rapidly rising in popularity among fitness enthusiasts. A lot of common misconceptions exist involving testosterone, and quite frankly, it's a case of mistaken identity. See, there are not healthy ways of boosting testosterone, they are called pro-hormones and steroids. these products introduce artificial testosterone into ones body. However, test boosters act by stimulating your own natural testosterone production pathways to increase output. This is done by utilizing herbs which promote higher levels of testosterone in the body. For a full overview of test boosting products, check out these helpful articles.

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We Could Go On..

If we wanted too, this article could be a mile long. There is simply so much to talk about. There are nitric oxide supplements, electrolyte blends, sleep supplements, growth hormone... The list is long!

But, this is a top notch introduction that you will be able to easily digest. Save the crazy stuff for another time, right? But hey, if you have any questions - just pop us a bubble below. Its easy and you can do it anonymously. No pressure bro!

One Last Note

Depending on your situation, you should talk to your doctor or personal trainer about any supplements you decide to take. My friends and I have never had any issues, but hey, be safe! After all, I am kind of assuming that you are similar to me at various stages. And I often believe a ton in me!

What Workout Supplements Are Most Effective For You?

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    • SagaSphere profile image

      SagaSphere 3 years ago

      Your both right, its cool stuff. Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      Kyle R. 4 years ago

      Protein never lasts long in my household. Now days supplement companies have done such a good job that chocolate protein shakes can be better than Nesquick!.

    • profile image

      James 4 years ago

      I never knew how many different workout supplements there were out there. I need to up my game if I'm going to build as much muscle as everyone else!