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Best adjustable dumbbells: Ironmaster Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbells and Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Updated on January 30, 2016

Woman carrying weights

woman carrying weights
woman carrying weights

A Brief history of dumbbells

In ancient Greece large stones with holes, called halters used during long jump events are the first known dumbbells. Other regions like Persia, India, and Egypt had different variations of the dumbbells that looked more like a club in those days.

Wrestlers used the apparatus to increase strength build muscle mass and weight training. However, during the 17th century the dumbbells gradually became more recognizable as the modern dumbbells used today.

Modern dumbbells consist of two equal weights attached to a handle or bar. There are two major variations to the dumbbells, the adjustable dumbbells and fixed dumbbells.

A third variation of the dumbbells is the selector-zed dumbbells that carry out the same functions of weight training, muscle building like other dumbbells. Dumbbells can carry out different complex exercises.

Some exercises include shoulder press, hummer curls, chest press, shrugs, single leg calf raises, and other muscle building exercises. Dumbbells are most efficient when weight training is done using repetitions and concise movements.



Types of dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells usually have a metal bar and an engraved crosshatch for grip with clips that slid on the outer side to secure weights. Some come with smooth ends secured by a sprung collar but modern dumbbells are fitted with state of the art weight increment mechanisms.

· Fixed dumbbells come in the typical dumbbells shape, are not adjustable, and rang from moderately priced to cheap variations. Some fixed dumbbells are molded from concrete, made from rigid plastic, coated rubber or cast iron depending on the manufacturer and purpose.

  • "Selectorized" dumbbells have adjustable plates that are easy to change when placed on a dumbbell stand. By adjusting a selector pin the number of plates that follow the handle is easily lifted making it more efficient than manually adding and removing weights.

This simple function makes selectorized dumbbells weight increment between exercises much faster.

Powerblock chest and Block workout

More on dumbbells

In modern times the best dumbbells used for body toning, and muscles building are adjustable dumbbells. Body building exercises become effortless when using top adjustable dumbbells.

To achieve great results owning a pair of adjustable dumbbells is much better than the non- adjustable ones. There are several advantages using adjustable dumbbells over fixed dumbbells such as the compatibility of adjustable dumbbells to different weight variations, and space.

Others benefits of adjustable dumbbells over non- adjustable ones is the cost. You need only a pair of adjustable dumbbells and a number of weights for fast increments. It is cost effective buying weights instead of multiple fixed dumbbells to accommodate different exercises routines.

Man using hand weights

Man with dumbbell
Man with dumbbell

List of adjustable dumbbells

1 Cap Barbell 40-pounds Dumbbell set

2 Adjustable Chrome plated metal dumbbells

3 ProForm Spacesaver 25ib

4 Bayou Fitness Pair

5 XMark 50ib

6 PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4

7 XMark Fitness 25ib

8 Bowflex SelectTech 1090

9 Universal Power-Pak 445

10 PowerBlock Classic

11 Bowflex SelectTech 552

12 Cast Iron 105Lbs

How to choose a good adjustable dumbbell

Each manufacturer has added different features to enhance the workout experience. Things to consider when buying an adjustable dumbbell are the speed of weight adjustment, space, and functionality.

The length of the dumbbells is also import because different lengths for different exercise routines. A fast weight increment is also important for a seamless body building exercises.

There are some pretty good adjustable in the market of which we would list a few. The adjustable dumbbells range in cost from moderate to high.

The major difference between fixed dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells include quick weight adjustments and space. Other interesting aspects of adjustable dumbbells are cheaper prices, durability, and functionality.

Ironmaster Quick-lock Adjustable Dumbbells

Among the high-end premium adjustable dumbbells today is the iron master quick-lock adjustable dumbbells. The ironmaster 75ibs comes highly recommended by fitness experts and enthusiasts because of its amazing functions.

Ironmaster despite its nice reviews has a few disadvantages and lots of impressive functionality. The lock screw feature on the Ironmaster allows easy addition and removal of weight plates during intense workouts.

Each dumbbell has the capacity to hold 5ibs upwards to a maximum weight of 75ibs. This is achieved in intervals of 2.5 to 5 pounds weight increment.

The revolutionary square shaped design improves handling while increasing safety and stability of the device. The device holds its own in the group of five top adjustable dumbbells we reviewed especially during muscle building and quick workouts.

Adjustable weights

Adjustable weights
Adjustable weights

.More features

  • Quick-Lock design adjusts from 5-75 lbs in 2 1/2 lb increments in just seconds!
  • Super heavy duty construction with welded steel, chrome plated handles.
  • System includes two dumbbells at 75 lbs each, Stand and Exercise Poster included for free.
  • Super space efficient design. Takes up less than 2 square feet.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Other features

Some features include a chrome/steel sturdy structure, a 45ibs set stand for plates and handles. The ironmaster has a strong screws, durability and weight intervals suitable for seasoned and amateur body builder.


1 Ironmaster is easy to use at home

2 It has a revolutionary Square shaped design

3 Easy to use lock screw

4 Reduces the need for big racks and owning a full set

5 It is functional and has good value for money spent

6 The dumbbells are sturdy, strong and durable

7 Speed of adjustment and change in weights is impressive

Problems associated with Ironmaster Quick-lock Adjustable Dumbbells

The price is higher than some high-grade adjustable dumbbells like the PowerBlock Classic adjustable dumbbells. The body builder might have difficulty placing the device on certain surfaces because it would easily break wooden surfaces.

Another downside of the device is that it does not come with a portable carry case and 2.5-pound plates. Regardless of its shortcomings the ironmaster quick-lock adjustable dumbbells unique look, locking mechanism, pure chrome plated steel and functionality makes it a good device to buy.



PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells set

Another cool adjustable dumbbells is the PowerBlock Adjustable dunmbbells.Unlike the ironmaster adjustable dumbbells, the PowerBlock has interchangeable cylinder weights. Each weight accommodates 2.5ibs that allows smaller increments to the device.

They have a unique design that is rectangular and-box shaped without hindering the workout routine. Another surprising aspect is the 10-year warranty for this highly durable dumbbell.

Different natural elements water, high humidity, and heat hardly affect the dumbbells set. It also has an extra strong pin lock/selector pin for fast weight changes.

5ibs/10ibs increments are made by aid of the selector pin for different workout routines.

Bowflex Select Adjustable Dumbbells

Advantages of PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells

Some advantages of PowerBlock Adjustable Dumbbells include some of the following

# The device uses less space than non adjustable dumbbells

# Cross fit and snatch workouts a breeze

# PowerBlock is high quality, very functional and durable

# The device accommodates 5ibs increments

# The handle is adjustable to 2.5ibs

# The non-traditional look is functional

What we like about the PowerBlock is that it allows for small increments and the two interchangeable cylinder weights of 2.5pounds. The fact that its durable, rugged, has good functionality and it unique modern look make PowerBlock a good addition to your gym.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable Dumbbells
Adjustable Dumbbells

Best Adjustable Dumbbells Reviews 2016-Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

Bodybuilding requires inner strength, focus, dedication to the sport and a positive mental attitude. Maintaining discipline hard workouts while using high quality equipment makes bodybuilding fun and effective.

We are happy to introduce the number one recommended bodybuilding equipment the adjustable dumbbell. It effectively tones and shapes your body to perfection with minimum effort.

The adjustable dumbbells are highly recommended by gym professionals and bodybuilding enthusiast as the leading fitness equipment worldwide.

We know how difficult it is making an informed decision especially when you wish to purchase gym equipment. For this reason, we have gone through the quality test before making a judgment.

There are many fitness products to choose so finding the best ones can be a difficult task. We recommend you use only original high quality, adjustable dumbbells to enhance your muscles while providing durability and functionality.

When you decide to purchase adjustable dumbbells, having first hand knowledge of the top5 adjustable dumbbells is very important. Therefore, our review covers the pros and cons, features and health benefits of buying and using an original adjustable dumbbell.

Comparative advantage of adjustable dumbbells over Non-adjustable dumbbells

The difference between natural spring water and tap water is like a butterfly and a moth. That is why different workout routines, muscle and body shaping is easier using a pair of adjustable dumbbells. They also have the major advantage of weight flexibility because they work with different weights.

Non-adjustable dumbbells are static without the added advantage of adjusting the bells to different weight. Bodybuilders trying to attain the same effective workout that

Adjustable dumbbells guarantee might have to use many non-adjustable dumbbells of different weight.

Storage: Storage is a breeze with adjustable dumbbells compared to having many non-adjustable dumbbells. The price deferential of having a single pair of adjustable dumbbells to non-adjustable ones is so enormous. Simply put adjustable dumbbells SAVE YOU MONEY.

Adjustable dumbbells save you lots of money that you would otherwise have used to purchase numerous non-adjustable dumbbells. The weight you fix on the adjustable dumbbells is purely up to you and your workout routine.


Man using Dumbbells
Man using Dumbbells

How to Choose the Best Adjustable Dumbbells

Functionality is a very important factor when choosing the best adjustable dumbbells. Assembling the adjustable dumbbells weights should be very easy to do with minimum effort.

The best adjustable dumbbells should have the right length, which enhances complex workout routines. It should be handy and easily stored without hassle and easily adjusted to weight increments.

Why buy dumbbells online: Online purchase of adjustable dumbbells has many advantages such as secure purchase, accurate description of item you wish to buy. Handling and shipment is easy and you would be buying your adjustable dumbbells from a highly reputable and trusted company.

The bodybuilder has the advantage seeing the features, prompt delivery, reviews, discounts, and high quality equipment. In the long run, it saves you the headache of movement and transportation fees.

Bowflex select Dumbbells

Bowflex Select Dumbbells
Bowflex Select Dumbbells

Some exciting features we like.

1 Rapid switch from on exercise to the next

2 Easy adjustment by rotating dial

3 Each dumbbell has 5to 52.5 pounds adjustments in increment of 2.5 to 25pounds

4 Combines 12 sets of weights into one, using a single dial system

5 Reduces clutter characterized by multiple weights.

6 It is an elegant high-end piece of equipment

7 The pricing is comparable with other high-end Adjustable dumbbells

With all these amazing attributes, the Bowflex Select Tech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells is reasonably priced.

The Bowflex Select Tech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

The Bowflex Select Tech 552 is a premium brand trusted for its durability and easy functionality. Each dumbbell has 5 to 52.5 pounds with adjustment in 2.5 pounds increment up to 25pounds.

An important feature we like is that a bodybuilder using the Bowlex Select Tech 552 can rapidly switch from one exercise to the next with little downtime. Other impressive features is that it combines 12 sets of weights into one using a unique dial system

Even quicker adjustments are made to the equipment by simple rotating the dial at each end. All these improvements make Bowflex Select Tech 552 an amazing pair of equipment.

Bowlex dumbbells are elegant, beautiful can be stored easily and eliminates the need for multiple weights. An additional benefit is that Adjustable dumbbells reduce clutter keeping your workout space neat and tidy.

Why we like Bowflex Select Tech 552

After several weeks of comprehensive testing which include conditioned workouts, product durability, and strength training exercises Bowflex worked seamlessly. Good for cardiovascular exercises and muscle building including effortless weight adjustment changes gives the device great value.

The Bowflex Select effortless passed our fast passed conditioning workouts including strength training and muscle building exercises over other equally good products. Other add-on value when you buy the Bowflex Select Tech 552 is a safety manual and resistant training DVD.

We think the Bowflex Select Tech 552 is one of the best dumbbells today.

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