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Best Beginner Exercise Workout Videos that Work 2013 Review

Updated on August 21, 2013

Best Workout Exercises that Work 2013

Are you sick of the hype that surrounds new workout videos? There are some great ones out there for sure, but there are also many lemons. It can be hard to believe that a video will be good because of the marketing involved to make it sound like the best thing ever created. It can also be hard to know until you end up buying a workout video and trying it out yourself. It is a good idea to read our reviews here, and others, to get an idea of what the video encompasses.

There are some things you will want to look for when deciding what to purchase. First, note how long the video is; you might just want something quick to do before work each day, or you might want something longer and more intense. Many videos now will have segments that you can do alone, or together with the others. This way, you can not only break up your workout for variety, but you can also customize them for what works best for you.

What to Look for in a Quality Workout DVD

Make sure that the trainer offers moderations on the exercises for those of different skill levels. If you try to match the intensity of the trainer right off the bat, and you aren't in shape yourself, you put yourself at risk for injury.

Variety is another biggie in workout videos. You want them to be fun, motivating and have enough change ups that you don't get bored. The last thing I would say to find out before purchasing is if the trainer is easy to listen to. Trainers with shrill voices, or those that are umber pumped up, can often get on your nerves and interfere with your workout.

Lastly, what type of workout are you looking for? There are videos to cover your entire body with aerobic exercises and strength training, others cover certain areas of the body, and yet there are many different styles of workout to fit your needs and personality.

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Hip Hop Abs DVD WorkoutZumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVDP90X DVD WorkoutINSANITY DVD WorkoutBrazil Butt Lift DVD Workout
Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout
Hip Hop Abs DVD Workout
Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD
Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD
P90X DVD Workout
P90X DVD Workout
Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout
Brazil Butt Lift DVD Workout
5 stars for Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit

Best Exercise Fitness Workout DVD 2013 Review

Top Rated Fitness Workout DVD for Home

For those that want a nice lifted rear end, consider Brazil Butt Lift Base Kit - Supermodels' Secret to a Perfect Butt Workout System. Men can do this work out as well and benefit greatly, but it seems to be more geared to, and favored by, women. It includes 6 workouts that feature a lower body workout, the trouble zones like hips, glutes and saddlebags. It gives you sculpting exercises and a lot of fat burning routines as well. Then, to round things off, you can to the 15 minute Tummy Tuck workout. I love that it comes with a booty makeover guide; every bum is shaped differently so with this tool, you can determine your butt type and workout strategy.

Best Work Out Exercise Video 2013

It costs a bit, but it is well worth it; the INSANITY: 60 Day Total Body Conditioning Workout DVD Program is one of the highest rated workout programs on the market. You get 10 DVDs that include 10 intense workouts. It includes a Dig Deeper & Fit Test. This will test your body to see what it can handle. The Plyometric Cardio Circuit will burn fat and induce sweaty cardio. There are two other cardio workouts, two ab workouts, a core and balance routine, and maximum circuits, plyo's and abs for those that are more fit.

You also get a nutrition plan to follow, a fitness guide to help you, a calendar and online support tools. There are no weights or equipment required; with all the DVD's, you get all the workouts you would ever need. I love the variety; I can work on a different area every day of the week and still not do the same routine twice. This would also not be a program good for those with weak knees, wrists or arms; there is a lot of movement that could exacerbate an old injury or whatnot. If you are looking for a challenge, then this is it. I've done this workout for 6 months straight and still find it to kick my butt.

Top Rated Workout Videos for Home

A very trendy workout program recently has been P90X: Tony Horton's 90 Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program. I found this one to be more adequate for beginners. There are 12 workouts that include chest and back, plyometrics, shoulders and arms, Yoga X, legs and back, Kenpo X, X Stretch, core synergistics, chest shoulders and triceps, back and biceps, Cardio X, and Ab Ripper X. As you can see, all areas of your body are covered for an allover sculpting and slimming down plan. The fitness guide and nutrition plans are very user friendly and keep you motivated. The diet plan might not work for all people however, so be careful with your food choices.

Those with blood sugar issues with have problems when the diet starts packing carbs. The instructor is pretty motivating with some cheesy one liner that I find humorous, but others might not. It would behoove you to have some exercise equipment on have on hand such as some light dumbbells and perhaps a door frame chin up bar. You can buy all of it for under $25. Even though beginners can use this better than some other videos on the market, you still need to take it easy because the routines can be quite challenging if you push yourself too much. Overall, it's been great for both my husband and myself to use since we both can do the workouts and we both like them.

Best Zumba Health and Fitness Video 2013

A form of exercise that has caught on in recent years is Zumba. Now, with this Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System DVD, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Zumba is a dance kind of workout that is very fun and keeps things interesting. You not only will be working out, but will also learn dance steps to Latin music. This 4 DVD set includes a Step by Step workout that will help you learn all the steps, Activate, Exhilarate, Ripped/Mixed, and Rush workouts as well.

You get a program guide that gives you a 10 day weight loss plan to follow and other tips to help you get the best of your workouts. It can be a bit tedious to watch with the instructors and set, but you get a pretty good education in Zumba however. The toning sticks are pretty lightweight so if you need more of a challenge, consider getting some lightweight dumbbells. If you are looking for, and love variety, this set will keep you entertained while you learn several different styles of dance.

Best Abs Workout DVD 2013

For those that want to focus the most on their abs, Hip Hop Abs DVD Set is a great workout program to own. The instructor Shaun T is really fun to listen to as you shape your mid-section. Don't be fooled though, this workout will give you fat burning results in other areas of your body, but your abs will get it the most. I think it is cool to learn the kinds of exercises that can be done to shape other areas but still work your abs at the same time. The 5 minute ab workout is the best for busy people during the week; it can keep you in shape until your next long workout.

Best Workout Exercise DVD for Home 2013

Top Rated Workout DVD 2103 Review

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© 2013 Bob Miller

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