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Best exercise to burn calories faster and get six pack abs

Updated on March 29, 2012

It is true that doing aerobics after weight training will burn calories faster but do you know that it should be used as a “warm down” routine, so a jog is advisable, not a run. This kind of jogging benefits us in two ways:

  • It helps your muscles to “warm down” gradually, reducing the chances of late-onset cramps or fatigue.
  • This jog exercise helps us burn extra calories naturally. The more we jog, the more we burn. Whether we jog before or after exercise, we burn fat. So stretch, jog, go to the gym, jog again and finally finish off with stretching. That will take a total of 3 hours. You can make it as intense as needed and you will be inspired into increasing your physical activity. But whatever you do, don’t suddenly spike the intensity of your schedule if your body is not accustomed to strenuous stuff. It is always better to take things slowly and then increase bit by bit rather than starting it off like a superman and ending up like a loser.

Now below is the best abs exercise that will also help you burn calories faster:

soni2006 splashing water on the camera.
soni2006 splashing water on the camera. | Source


Lie flat on the floor with your hands and fingers interlocked behind your head and your thighs bent, but with your feet together, flat, on the floor.


Bring the head and upper torso forward, and at the same time, bring thighs toward your ribcage with the knees bent such that they make a near 90-degree angle with your thighs. Now your body should be rolled up like a ball, with the forehead somewhere near the knees.

Contract for 2 seconds (Don’t immediately let your body relax after the crunch---hold for 2 seconds) then return to starting position AS SLOWLY AS POSSIBLE. DO NOT LET GRAVITY DO THE WORK.

WHY IT IS EFFECTIVE? You are bringing your upper body toward the thighs AND YOU ARE BRINGING YOUR THIGHS TOWARD YOUR UPPER BODY AT THE SAME TIME. If you notice in other ab exercises, either you will only bring your head toward the thighs or vice versa.

THAT IS WHY this exercise ensures you work your upper and lower abs EQUALLY, making you get maximum calories burned.

EMPHASIS is on doing it as SLOWLY as possible. The faster you do, the more the chances of fat deposition later, and lesser the chances for a faster 6 pack. PAUSE AT THE ROLLED UP POSITION FOR 2 SECONDS AND THEN RELEASE SLOWLY.

Do three sets of this, 25 reps each EVERYDAY, other than Sunday.

PRECAUTIONS: Drink half a tumbler of electrolytes half an hour before the exercise to avoid cramps. If you feel you are getting cramps, do some back exercises. (Lie flat with your face facing the bed, with your hands locked behind your head. Bring your upper torso ALONE upward WITHOUT moving your thighs/legs--they should be flat on the bed. Pause for 2 seconds at the top of the movement and release slowly. Since this muscle compartment is opposite the abdomen, working the back will stretch the abs and relieve chances of cramps or injury.

Now isn’t this the best exercise to burn lots of calories, lose weight, and get at least great abs if not a six pack.


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