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Best food to cure diabetes and improve digestive system

Updated on August 26, 2012

Wheat Grass Juice - Best natural juice

Now a days many people are considering Wheat grass juice as a best natural medicine for many health benefits.Regular intake of wheat grass juice will prevent us from many diseases and keeps or body healthy and fit.

People are finding many health benefits with wheat grass juice and they want to take it regularly.But the problem is many are finding difficulty in growing wheat grass at their home and making juice with wheat grass.

Now we will find the health benefits of regular intake of wheat grass juice and easy methods to grow wheat grass at home and instruments used to take juice from wheat grass.

Health Benefits Of Wheat Grass

  • Wheat grass juice rich in nutritional values.It is loaded with Vitamins ,Minerals ,Trace elements.There are considerable amounts of proteins and Amino acids.
  • It is helps to improve our digestive system.
  • Wheat grass juice cleans our liver
  • It helpful in prevention of hair loss
  • This is helpful in curing some type of skin diseases.
  • Wheat grass is rich in chlorophyll.It is proven that chlorophyll stops the development of unfriendly bacteria.
  • It is a best food to cure diabetes and Heart diseases.
  • Many believe that it is helpful in prevention of Cancer.
  • This is helpful in removing Toxic metals such as mercury,copper ,cadmium and lead that may be stored in or body.

These are examples of many other health benefits of this green juice.

How to Grow Wheat Grass At Home

As i said earlier many are believing that regular intake of wheat grass will be helpful for health.But they are finding difficulties in growing this at home and extracting juice with wheat grass.

Process To Grow Wheat Grass

After finding best wheat grass seeds soak around 500 grams of it in water for 8 hours.Prepare a tray of 20 X 10 inch around 2 - 3 inches depth.Add about 1 1/2 to 2 inches moist compost and potting mix in it.Organic growing medium is the best one to grow.

After soaking ,drain the seeds rinse throughly and drain it again.Spread the seeds evenly over the compost mix.After this add another 1/2 inch of soil to it and then water the seeds using a watering can.Remember that you should moist your compost mix but not sodden.Keep moist while your seeds are growing.

After three days you can see wheat grass growing a couple of inches height.Keep this tray in a place where it can get good amount of indirect sunlight.Remember not keep this in a direct sunlight Because it can cause drying out of the soil which inhibits growth.You Can harvest your wheat grass when it is about 7 -8 inches in length.

Making Wheat Grass Juice

  • Take the Wheat grass and roll it into a mass of wheat grass.This will make easier to juice.
  • Put the Wheat grass roll into a juicer and insert the plunger to work the wheat grass through the machine.

Wheat grass juice machine will make it very easy to extract juice from the grass.

If you fee all this is a lengthy process,and not possible for yo to follow there are two more ways...

You use Wheat Grass powder.You will get almost all the benefits that you will get with wheat grass juice.You can take this with water or milk.

The other way is to directly purchase the wheat grass juice.My personal opinion is to grow wheat grass and extract juice of your own is the first preference and the second is to use wheat grass powder and the third is purchasing th wheat grass juice it self. 


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