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Pimple Removal

Updated on July 21, 2009

If you are looking for a pimple removal, before you do anything else, don’t pop that pimple! You can, however pop it if there is a white head. This means that it is an old one, which needs to be put out of its misery! Otherwise, if you pop a pimple, which isn’t past its prime, your risk spreading the infection and getting even more pimples. Furthermore, even if you do get rid of it you’ll still have some sort of red spot resembling a pimple, which will last for a while.

How to remove a pimple fast (if your zit is a white head or has dried up puss): Home remedies to remove pimple

You can easily do so by disinfecting the infected area with rubbing alcohol, heating up a needle, and then popping your annoying pimple. You can then buy an acne spot treatment, which guarantees that nothing gets into the pore. Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Patch is an example of such a treatment.

If you want, rather than using a needle, you can try using the “Tweezerman Skin Care Tool”, which is available on Amazon.

How to remove pimples with creams and other “devices”

In Best Pimple Cream, I talk about the pimple cream options that you have. Other than creams, what else is available? One product, which caught my eye is the Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device, which works by administering “heat shocks” into your pimple, supposedly killing the p. acnes bacteria. You’ll see that the reviews on Amazon for this product are incredibly one-sided one way or another. Users either hate it or love it, hence the so-so total star rating on this product. Before you buy it you should know that it can get very expensive if you get a lot of pimples or acne because each time you use it you use up a cartridge.


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      Salma 5 years ago

      Was not good at allllllll.....

      Write sme nce cream name

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      Prashant 5 years ago

      Hi i m prashant my problem skin pimple before 3 years please take best cream. What acne pimple removel is best cream.

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      pimples remove crem