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Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Updated on March 4, 2018
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Rev. Margaret Minnicks writes for three different websites: HubPages, Blasting News, and Vocal. She loves sharing interesting things.

Where To Keep Medicine

Do not keep your medicine in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom even though it is called a medicine cabinet. Most medicines should be kept at room temperature or refrigerated. Most prescription eye drops should be kept in the refrigerator. Bathrooms heat up during showers. Therefore, it's best not to keep medicine in the bathroom even in the medicine cabinet.

Hot Food in Refrigerator

Do not put hot food in the refrigerator. Leave hot food out for about an hour before putting it in the refrigerator. It takes longer for hot food to cool in the refrigerator thus giving it time to collect bacteria. Put cool food in the refrigerator instead of hot food.

Take Off Shoes For a Boost

If you need a quick boost, take off your shoes. Your feet have nerve endings that produce feel good hormones when pressed. Simply walking on grass or sand gives an acupuncture treatment at the major trigger points for a terrific mood boost. So when an angry spouse comes home, help him or her out of their shoes.

Eat Jelly Beans

You do not have to wait until Easter to eat Jelly Beans. Sweeten your mood with jelly beans! Scientists say that if you snack on a handful of jelly beans their sweet taste will deliver a quick mood boost and rev up your energy all without feeling guilty because they have just four calories each and zero fat.

Wear Red

Wear red to get noticed. Want to get noticed? Wear RED! Red raises heart rates and excites people. Red is everybody's color with so many choices for both men and women...scarf, lipstick, necktie, car, etc.

Use Band-Aids

Use band-aids on your nipples to keep them from showing through your clothes. Women who don't want their nipples to show through their clothes can simply put a Band-Aid over each nipple. Just be careful removing the Band-Aids later.

Which of these did you not know before reading the above article?

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    • Dian'swords4u profile image

      Dian'swords4u 7 years ago from North Carolina

      somew interesting advice. Thanks for the advice