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Resveratrol - Benefits of Resveratrol

Updated on March 13, 2011
Red wine can help you live longer.
Red wine can help you live longer.

The Benefits of Resveratrol

Do you drink red wine? If so, you may have a great reason to celebrate. Wine may help keep you young. This is due to a substance in red wine, with many benefits, called resveratrol.

Old research showed that wine could have a drying effect on the skin, increasing fine lines and facial wrinkles. But rumor suggested something known as the "French Paradox" could help people stay young.

The "French Paradox" was an observation by many that the French people ate large amounts of unhealthy fat and choleserol, yet stayed healthy. "Why was this?" asked many scientists. What is different about the French population that they could do this?

After years of research and eliminating potential answers to this question, scientists began to suspect that dark red wine might be the key to the longevity and youthfulness of the French people. Then scientists analyzed the wine and zeroed in on a substance known as resveratrol. After that, scientists started looking at the benefits of resveratrol.

It turns out resveratrol has many benefits. Resveratrol is a powerful anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. Mice given resveratrol live longer than regular mice. Resveratrol has been shown to lower blood sugar and help control diabetes. It reduces cardiovascular disease and moderates high blood pressure. It has even helped combat Alzheimer's disease. Resveratrol may also help in the battle against cancer.

Scientists are discovering new benefits of resveratrol with more research. Why is resveratrol so beneficial. Besides being an anti-oxidant, resveratrol stimulates your mitochondria to work harder and produce more energy. Every system in your body uses energy and is benefited by the more energetic mitochondria.

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol anti-oxidant found in the skin of red grapes. Since the discovery of the uses of resveratrol, scientists have discovered and created new sources of this wonderful substance, including Japanese Knotweed and genetically modified bacteria.

The health benefits of resveratrol were so powerful, that some experts were suggesting a glass of red wine a day for the health benefits. Even dermatologists were suggesting drinking red wine to get resveratrol to keep skin young looking. Luckily today, we can get the benefits of resveratrol in much safer ways from pharmaceutical pure supplements. For many people who worry about the risks of alcohol, this is a much better source of resveratrol.

Resveratrol can help you to stay young. It can prevent skin damage and even reverse minor imperfections. The effects of resveratrol are not just on the surface. Resveratrol protects your veins and arteries by keeping them supple and elastic. Resveratrol helps regulate your blood sugar, thereby preventing future kidney and retina damage, especially important to diabetics.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's disease, then try resveratrol to slow or even reverse it. Research with mice shows that resveratrol can reduce brain plaques in the hypothalamus by about 90%.

Taking large therapeutic doses of resveratrol can get expensive. The best benefits of resveratrol require at least a gram a day. This brings out a lot of dishonest dealers and websites that sell fake or sub-standard resveratrol. So, make sure you get your resveratrol through a reputable source like Amazon.

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