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How to Get Yourself in a Good Mood – Tips and Tricks of What you Should and Should NOT do When Angry!

Updated on September 22, 2012

It’s a normal part of someone’s life for them to get angry. Some people, including myself, can get angry very easily at very small things.

I may not always have a valid reason for getting angry but I do. One minute I can be cheerful, the next very upset. Maybe I am Bi-polar, maybe not. I wouldn’t know because I barely know the first thing about diagnosing bi-polar. However, I can say that I can get angry very easily.

I still struggle to this day with my anger. However, I started writing down a list of things that make me happy. Every time I get angry, I bring up this list and pick one of the things on the list, and do it. The one that typically works best for me is the one at the very bottom of the list; the one where I think about the person I love.

So, if you are like me and get angry easily, or if you are just a person looking on how to calm yourself during stressful moments, this hub may be for you. It’s unhealthy for someone to be angry all of the time, so you need to find a way to cheer yourself up.

If you get angry often, you should consider either revisiting this page as a reminder of things to help calm yourself down, or write your own list of things that work for you!


Things you can do to cheer yourself back up:

  • Read a book- By reading a good book, you can help take your mind off of what has made you upset. You can indulge in a fantasy world and enjoy the wonders it brings.If you do not have any new books, read an old one and try to imagine it in a different point of view. I’ve read some books more than once while trying to imagine it from someone else’s perspective.
  • Listen to your favorite music- Most people would recommend that you listen to ‘feel-good’ music. However, I recommend just listen to your favorite type of music. I’ll admit that I like Nickelback but my boyfriend hates it. For his sake, I don’t listen to it when he’s around. When I get in a bad mood, I like to stick my headphones in and turn on Nickelback and sing along.
  • Watch a good movie- Get on Netflix, or choose a movie from your personal collection. Preferably you should choose a comedy because if it can make you laugh, that alone will get you cheered up.
  • Write your thoughts down- If you are angry at someone, it may be a good idea to write down your thoughts onto a piece of paper, or type it out on the computer. However, do NOT deliver the message. Writing down your angry thoughts will attempt to give you the satisfaction of telling someone off, without actually causing any hard feelings.
  • Take a hot shower- This is one that works very well for me. When I am upset, I can get inside a hot shower and just have a moment to think to myself. I find comfort in water and being alone.
  • Make a list of things you are thankful for- During times of feeling depressed or stressed, you can write down what you are thankful for. Doing so will help you forget about the bad things, and focus on the good things.

  • Laugh – Make yourself laugh, even if it is a fake laugh. It’s good to laugh and eventually will lead into a real laugh.
  • Cry – It’s good to let yourself go every once and a while. If I am stressed, I’ll often go take a hot shower and just cry. It makes me feel better to let it out, instead of holding it in.
  • Take deep breaths- Taking deep breaths helps regulate the heartbeat and calms you down.
  • Close your eyes and imagine a fantasy world-Try to think of a place that makes you happy. Once you think of this place, imagine being there with your friends and/or loved ones. You should picture yourself having fun and laughing.
  • Grab a stress ball or something similar- When I am stressed, if I grab onto a stress ball, or something like it, it makes me feel better. Being able to exert my stress into something physical, that doesn’t hurt anyone, calms me down.
  • Lay out in the sun- The warmth from the sun is also a good way to help improve your mood.
  • Light some candles or incense- For me, if I light a candle or incense I can indulge in the pleasant smell.
  • Think about your significant other- This is a very important one for me. If you love somebody, think about them. Think about why you fell in love with them, or about how you first met. I highly recommend doing this if they are the reason that you are upset. If they did something to make you mad. Take a moment in silence and just think about why you love them. I couldn’t imagine my life without my boyfriend and every time I’m upset I think about him and how much I love him. I almost immediately get in a better mood, sometimes I even naturally laugh if I think about something from the past.


Things not to do while in a bad mood:

  • Do not eat junk food- In the end it will just make you feel worse. Chocolate is okay, but stay away from other sugar-filled treats.
  • Do not suppress your anger- If you are angry, it is a very bad idea to keep it bottled in. I can tell you from personal experience: If you let anger build up, it will eventually explode and it will probably be on someone that does not deserve it.
  • Do not take it out on anyone – Regardless of who it is – a family member, a pet, etc. Do NOT take your anger out on them, whether it is physical or verbal abuse. Not only are you hurting them, you are hurting yourself as well.
  • Do not run away from the problem – Running away only means that you push the problem away for a later time.

Always remember that if you get angry, you CAN control it. Do not let anger take over your life!


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