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Beverages Sweetened with Truvia

Updated on February 22, 2010

Are you looking for sugar free beverages that don't contain artificial sweeteners to enjoy? You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that several commercially available beverages – including soft drinks, juice, and flavored water -- are now sweetened with Truvia, the first truly all-natural no calorie sweetener. Diet conscious consumers can now enjoy delicious, naturally sweetened drinks without having to deal with the calories of sugar or the chemical ingredients associated with artificial sweeteners.

About Truvia

The stevia plant has actually been used as a natural sweetener for centuries in Paraguay, where the plant grows wild. For many years, health conscious consumers throughout the world have used stevia, a nutritional supplement, as an all-natural sweetening alternative. Crushed stevia leaves and stevia powder has been available in health food stores for a long time, but it was marketed as a nutritional supplement, not as a true sweetener – even though many consumers used it that way.

Truvia is the first actual commercial sweetener made from stevia. Before Truvia was introduced to the market, consistency of flavor was always problem with using stevia as a diet friendly sweetener. That's because various brands and batches of stevia supplements were made from different parts of the leaves of stevia plants. With Truvia, flavor consistency is no longer a problem. That is because Truvia, which is manufactured and marketed as a sweetener rather than a nutritional supplement, is made from rebiana, which is the sweetest and best tasting part of the leaf of the stevia plant.

Truvia is available for purchase in supermarkets throughout the U.S. It is packaged in individual packets the same size as the sugar and artificial sweetener packets that restaurants make available for use in coffee, tea, and other beverages. Additionally, the idea of using an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetening agent is starting to catch on with food and beverage manufacturers.

Beverages Made with Truvia

Commercially available beverages made with Truvia (as of February of 2010) include:

  • Hansen’s® Natural Lo-Cal Juices
  • Nature’s Splash®
  • Odwalla® juices
  • Sprite® Green™
  • True® Lemon Naturally Sweet
  • vitaminwater10®

Additional Truvia Sweetened Products?

More products featuring Truvia are being developed, so additional beverages made with the flavorful all-natural sweetener are likely to become available soon. Truvia isn't limited to use solely in beverages. It's used to sweeten Bryer's YoCrunch yogurt, and will likely be included in many additional food products in the future. If you become aware of a new low or reduced calorie beverage or food product made with Truvia, please share what you have learned in the Comments section below.


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