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Beware of Fake Protein Powders, Buy Best Weight Gainers For Gaining Weight

Updated on June 5, 2012

Check this out- This is an example of totally original no fake weight gain formula

Lately, there are a lot of fake protein powders and weight gainers selling around in the nutritional supplements market. Beware of following fake powders:

  • Optimum Nutrition (Serious Mass) - Fake 5, 6 and 12 lbs BAG
  • Optimum Nutrition (100% Whey) - Fake 5 lbs and 25 lbs BAG
  • Dymatize Nutrition (ISO-100) - Fake 5 lbs
  • Dymatize Nutrition (Elite Whey) - Fake 5 lbs
  • GNC (100% Whey) - Fake 3 & 5 lbs
  • Natures Best (ISOPURE 3 lbs) - Fake 3 & 5 lbs
  • SI03 Nectar (Fake 5 lbs)
  • Universal Nutrition (Ultra Whey Pro) - Fake 2 & 5 lbs

Don't risk your health and life using fake protein powders and fake weight gaining supplements. These powders and supplements are loaded with calcium carbonate, dexona fillers and other dangerous anabolics in prohibitive amounts, which can easily put you on the bed in no time.

How to check fake protein powders?
How to check fake protein powders? | Source

How to spot a fake protein powder?

  • Poor quality jar
  • Poor quality text on the label
  • Heavy density of the power inside (it is nothing but dextrose plus soy plus some cheap steroid.
  • Poor quality graphics on the label
  • If your gym coach tries way to hard to sell you something, especially open secret powders, then you should be aware that these could be fakes.

Fake Superpump, original Superpump 250

If you are a routine weightlifter or bodybuilder, then you will find two types of superpumps available at supplement stores. One is superpump and the other is superpump 250. Former is marketed by a small time company in Germany and latter is manufactured by Gaspari Nutrition worldwide. You will not find any great reviews on superpump on the Internet but you can find loads of superpump 250 reviews on net as it is recommended by many experienced bodybuilders and weight trainers around the world.

Buy original weight gainers

If you want to increase weight, then buying a branded no fake weight gainer is the best option. If you consume fake powders, the fat percentage in your body will get very high and it would be difficult to get rid of it later. All you will get from it is a big tummy because of accumulation of fat. If you take an original supplement, all what you gain will be muscle and not fat. Of course you don’t need fat. You train for muscles. Aren't you?

Some of the best weight gainers are Optimum Pro Complex Gainer, BSN'S True Weight Gainer, Animal M-STAK, and Optimum Serious Mass.

Least but not last, weight gainers are good but you should buy excellent quality ones. If you buy weight gainers like muscle juice, you will not get what you have paid for. Muscle juice can be substituted with oatmeal and dextrose giving out same results but a lot cheaper. Quality weight gainers like ON Pro Complex and BSN True Mass are quite expensive but give out good results. Just never forget to keep yourself aware of fake weight gainers and protein powders.


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    • profile image

      kanav sood 2 years ago

      Hi i bought on serious mass frm healthkart was sealed frm outside but not inner sealed so someone plzz tell me is ma product genuine .....i msgd dem nd dey told me acc to fda dese r not inner sealed bcz glue can drop in it

    • profile image

      FitnessRockers 2 years ago

      Video for "how to detect supplement is Fake or original"

      List of licensed Supplement Importers in India

      Watch the video and read the article to easily identify fake supplement. For more information visit our site and let the fitness rock.

    • profile image

      DG Retail 3 years ago

      Global Impex is a Genuine Importer/Dealer of Food Supplements. As I am selling and using it personally with a good response.

      - Deevaker Goel


    • profile image

      Mayam Gautam 3 years ago

      I have already used Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey Isolate before and currently I am using Dymatize Elite Whey Isolate. I really want to know is there some test through which I can check the genuineness of the product I am using such as mixability issues,flame test,odour or taste test etc.

      This is a big concern and any information regarding this will be really appreciable.

    • profile image

      Abhishek 3 years ago

      I want to buy isopure i want to know is safe or not

    • profile image

      indubhusan kundu 3 years ago


    • profile image

      Rajadurai 3 years ago

      in chennai, where we buy original mass gainers. plz help.

    • profile image

      karan 4 years ago

      Hi i bought serious mass 6 lb frm hyderbad tat is with out mrp nd batch number also nt ter can any one tel me hw to check its orginal or fake

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Lodge a case in consumer court against that dealer.

    • profile image

      ankush 4 years ago

      hi sir.....i purchase optimum nutrition gold standerd whey and that protein is completely local and copy of orignales .......can you please tell me how to take action against that dealer

    • profile image

      clauz 4 years ago

      Hi soni and everybody , I bought Rapid Mass , on the bag i can read : Manufactured in UK ANABOLICS AND NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS AN ASIAN ISLAND ROAD N 11 DOWNTOWN ONCE KINGSTOWN - UK Place . in the front of the bag : Massive 10LB BAG 4.535 G 1230 CALORIES . 50 GR PROTEIN AND 230 G CARBO PER SERVING - 2 SCOOPS 335 GR !!!! can you Soni or someone here telle me if Rapid Mass exist for real as a mass gainer , cauz i made some search in the net but 0 results - Can you tell me if it's dangerous for my health if the product is a fake and not original

    • profile image

      rahul 4 years ago

      Hi I Brought Dymatize Super Mass Gainer 6Lb from Deccan Fitness pune, I don't know whther product is genuine or not, as i had brought it first time, and When i mixed with water it got dissolved easily... so is it just simple powder and not healthy one/original one?

      Please help!!

      Also there was sticker on the Top of cap that it was imported from GMC , M/s Global impex delhi, please let me know if its genuine.. there was scoop inside it, and it was of good qaulity and also stcikers on it and label was of very good qaulity...also on scoop dymatize is not embossed

      instead its written "Progressive Packaging"

    • profile image

      Yogesh nagar 4 years ago

      SONI SIR,


    • profile image

      manmeet soni 4 years ago


      I bought serious mass gainer from Nuelife India. Can someone tell me how do I check if my ON Serious mass is original or fake...?

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Okay thanks buddy..

    • profile image

      Anand 4 years ago

      I would like to share one very important news that in India, not a single supplement product is original. Every product is duplicate though if you are buying it from authorized store also. All national level distributers are selling mixed supplements in Indian Market. I did an analysis and came to this conclusion. So be aware and don't play with your health.

      Example : Difference between Whey protien bought from Indian and outside India are:

      1. Original product contain scoop on which word "Dymatize" is embossed where as duplicate will have simple scoop.

      2. Color and smell of same flavour will definetly will be different.

    • profile image

      nagpal 4 years ago

      hey tell please iss healthkart is selling genuine product or not please reply soon ...iam regular customer of healthkart their packaging is okie but i realli dnt kn after reading ol this that they r also fake or not???

    • profile image

      Prashant Chaudhary 4 years ago

      is dymatize super mass gainer 12 lb is good product

      how i check before purchasing that it is original or fake.

      please tell me.

    • profile image

      prajnat 5 years ago

      How do i check if ON Pro Complex Gainer is fake or not??

    • profile image

      rajiv bhagat 5 years ago

      @pankaj gautam : i bought the products from xtremesupplements , previously i was buying from healthkart...and products from xtremesupplements i found are absolutely original and with importers i am buying all my stack from them only since last 6months.

    • profile image

      pankaj gautam 5 years ago

      tell me if site is fake or providing genuine products??

    • profile image

      jawee 5 years ago

      i have bought 10lbs Dymatize from from malaysia...the problem is the whey protein taste very fake ....anybody got same problem like me?..

    • profile image

      raj 5 years ago

      how to check it is real product

    • profile image

      steven 6 years ago

      im having the same problem as peter,the container has labelled *product of canada*. i doubt that it is fake.

    • profile image

      DEEPAK 6 years ago

      I Have bought Ultimate Nutrition Muscle Juice 2531 (2.25 kg) befor 1 week. I wanna know that How Can I Know this Product is Orignal. Any Identification plz tell me


      from Deepak, India

    • profile image

      peter 6 years ago

      original is made from USA.

    • profile image

      peter 6 years ago

      i have bought 2 gaspari' real mass from 2 different person. 1 of the container has labelled "product of usa" while the other 1 labelled "product of canada". is the 1 frm canada fake????

      from kl, malaysia

    • profile image

      petani 6 years ago

      in malaysia someone sell supplement through facebook.his fb name whypaymore nutrition.i don't know if he sells fake product or not..

    • profile image

      Preeti Mehta 6 years ago

      Check for the Packaging, dates and always buy from an Authorized dealer in India and not from the gray market like which are official retailers.

      I have been fooled twi times, so now I don't take any chances.

    • profile image

      BHAVIK PUROHIT 6 years ago

      Dear Sir,

      Well, i have the questions as below.

      1} The product i haver purchased is the ISO PURE, it was sealed packed only {plastic seal}, but when i opened it i was surprised to see that it contains one plain simple pp bag, with the powder inside, & one simple rubber band, just wrapped around the face of the bag!!, is this the normal packing standards of the made in canada product?

      2} i have checked the marking, they are written as DUTCH CHOCOLATE, 7.5 LBS, MADE IN CANADA, IPL, 1-800-463-IPL 5, 62330 B, & on the base bottom is marked in black sign as MAN-122010.

      3} I also wondered when the powder does not dissolve in the water as mentioned on the container!!!!!, i clearly remember that before one year i had purchased GEERN APPLE, & it was dissolving completely in the water, what has happened now?, & when it is mentioned on the container, it should be!!!

      Please educate me is this ok, or i have been tricked?





    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello friend, any supplement coming very cheap should be checked before buying and consuming as it could be a filler or something fake. Go through the tips for checking this that are mentioned in the article above.

    • profile image

      test 6 years ago

      ever heard of promatrix7 mate? i don't know if this is legit though. and the price is really cheap. they said it comes from india.

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Hello Gostleader23, there are loads of fake bodybuilding supplements from India and other countries and many of them are listed in this unique facebook page:

    • profile image

      ghostleader23 6 years ago

      thanks for the information. i am quite worried about supplement comes from India can u name some supplement?

    • soni2006 profile image

      Rajinder Soni 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Brother, in India there are several blackmarketers who are making fool of people by aduterating bodybuilding supplements. This is a very serious concern and everyone need to be alert and aware and this is the reason why I published this hub.

      By the way, I am glad about your successful use of supplements such as whey and creatine.

    • TheManWithNoPants profile image

      TheManWithNoPants 6 years ago from Tucson, Az.


      Thanks for the information. I take whey protien everyday, and have for a zillion years. I've been using "Body Fortress" for about the last six months, and I do a creatin run twice a year.

      I knew that not all whey was created equal, but I didn't know some of it was actually bad for you.