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Combination of Honey and Ghee

Updated on November 25, 2016

Combination of foods

Be Aware of food combination

It is necessary to know which food products can be joined together. In the sagas of Ayurveda there is a lot of discussion on combinations of food. It is a fact that many products combined together become poison. For example, a honey with ghee mixed together in equal quantity becomes poison.are consumed.

To digest different elements of food different digestive juices is required. Starch is processed in alkaline juices while being digested, while protein is processed in acid. If both types of food products together, then their respective digestive juices will also be created at the same time. Thus alkali and acid on mixing will become ineffective and protein will start rotting, starch will start fermenting. Digestive process will thus get disturbed.

Therefore, at one time eating too many food products like vegetable, fruits, pickle, curd, pudding sweets etc., leads to chemical reaction and the digestive system gets spoiled.

At a time taking only one food product is ideal. Actually the mixed diet is the first wrong step. At a time, the less the number of food products is mixed, the better it will be for digestive process and it will be easily digestible.
While eating take fruits at a time, then salad (vegetables) the other time and then grain should be taken. This is called a mono diet.

Salt is also poisonous

If salt is put in excess than food cannot be eaten. It becomes poisonous. The ill effect of salt damages tissues, nerves etc. It also destroys the natural taste of food products.

It is the cause of liver and kidneys getting damaged. It effects intestines and the delicate skin on the stomach. Its excessive use can cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, so its excessive use caused increased thirst, to dissolve it in water and flow it out.

Salt is fulfilled by salt in natural foods (fruits, vegetables. The requirement of sprouted etc.,) when food is cooked its natural salts get destroyed. The only cooked food should have slight salt in it. In natural food stuff (fruits, salad, sprouted, juice, curd etc.,) salt need not be used.

Wrong Combinations

1. Banana with milk or curd.
2. Radish with milk or curd.
3. Milk with curd.
4. Honey with hot water or any other hot product.
5. Honey and radish.
6. Milk with melon, watermelon, cucumber.
7. Curd and melon.
8. Curd and cheese.
9. Fruits with vegetables.
10. At night radish or curd.
11. Curd heated up.
12. Cereals with sweet potato or cereal with chapatis.
13. Any other food product with water melon.
14. Cereals with rice or cereals with chapatis.
15. Chapati with milk or curd.
16. Chapati with tamarind.
Ideal Combinations
1. Mango and cows milk.
2. Milk with dates.
3. Rice with coconut powder.
4. Pulse and curd.
5. Radish leaves with watermelon.
6. Banana with small cardamom.
7. Leafy vegetables with starch,
8. Dry fruits with sour fruits.
9. Vegetables with cereals.
10. Mixtures of vegetables and rice.
11. Fruits and vegetables with little measure of dry fruits.
12. Green leafy vegetables with chapatis.
13. Sprouted cereals and raw coconut.

Note: 1. Those who eat chapatis or rice with cereals must eat raw
Vegetables at the same time in good quantity.

2. People eating natural food do not have the problem of alkali or

Acid. This problem is faced by people consuming cooked food.

Vegetarian people


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