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Beware the hay fever

Updated on June 27, 2012

Rainy spring.

Surprisingly, the hay fever sufferers don't hate the rainy spring days. Not just that, but also they claim it is a "sip of fresh air".


Hay fever's culprit are the pollens. And rain washes them down from the air. Allergy patients needing attention at spring are many.

Especially in places with nearby rural areas, where the grass and grains are blooming.

Hay fever is on its way to millions of people world wide. It is a seasonal issue which sometimes needs medical care.

Most widely spread are the allergies to blooming rye grass and birch trees.

The best place to be when the hay fever season starts is the sea (or ocean) shore. The strong air currents cleanse the air from dust, pollens and pollution.

The problem is - most allergy patients don't know they have it or simply don't care. They develop a habit to breathe through mouth.

Most people also think that this condition cannot be cured.

The fact is - with correct diagnosis and treatment - allergies can be controlled or even cured, but an allergologist visit is needed for this.

There are 2 ways present day medicine addresses the issue - symptomatic treatment or immunotherapy.

Symptoms like running nose with transparent secretion can be much easier to treat. They tell the specialist the patient body is irritate and reacts to an allergen. Most of those patients suffer only when outside and often just sneeze.

The second group are the patients with completely blocked nasal ways. The secretion from the nose is pus-like. Green or yellow. They suffer even at night, with heavy snoring and even possible apnea.

First group (with running nose) can be easily treated with over-the-counter nasal spray with antihistamines. Pills are not normally prescribed, because antihistamines cause forgetfulness. Especially in young people, pupils and students.

The youngest people found with hay fever are as young as 4 years old and they need to have sharp mind. If your kid sneezes often at spring without being cold - you better visit a specialist.

Complications may occur if leave a hay fever to ravage your nasal ways for too long. Sinus infections, bronchial infections, even hearing impairment.

Heavy rhinitis or laryngitis are also possible (with risk of suffocation), so the allergy must be monitored carefully. There are cases of asthma after few years of uncontrolled bad hay fever.

In all cases the medicine must be prescribed by a professional. And if you can't afford medical service or prefer over-the-counter medicine - try to stick with nasal sprays instead of pills. In present day's activities, being sleepy and tired from antihistamines is worse than the fever itself.

Stay healthy!


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