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Beyond The Obvious Risks of Covid-19

Updated on May 8, 2020
Sallie Mullinger profile image

Sallie is a retired mother and grandmother who has written short stories for most of her life. Her stories are from her heart to yours.

During stay at home it's better to putter in your garden, or read a book or work on a puzzle. What isn't good is to listen to the media who are master's at fear

Every single day every single one of us, in all countries of the world, take risks.

Living involves risk.

Our lives revolve around risks. Every time we get into a car and drive anywhere there are other cars, which is everywhere, you are risking your life but more importantly, you are trusting that someone wont cross over the yellow line and slam into your car at 50 MPH.

We take risks crossing streets, walking thru parking lots, even at our jobs. Face it. Living has always come with risks. Some risks are greater than others admittedly. But we have, as a society, decided that we will live our lives despite the risks life can impose on us.

Risk taking is part of our everyday lives.

So what's different now?

I'll tell you whats different has succeeded in paralyzing huge numbers of our population with fear tactics because of Covid-19.

And with great fear, out the window goes critical thinking skills and objectivity.

People have been fed a lot of lies. Yes, this virus can be deadly. Yes there are certain groups of people who are at high risk and need to be extremely careful.These are the groups of people we need to protect. And these are the people who DO need to stay home, away from strangers. And, these are also the people who cannot afford to take the risk of getting sick.

When you assess risk factors, you normally look at demographic components such as age, contributing illnesses, and even race and gender.

Anyone in that demographic makeup SHOULD be cautiously aware of their risk, get informed and make decisions based on your risk factors for being out and about.

But if you aren't in those categories and you have been cowed, by media driving fear into your very soul, convincing you to lock yourself into your home for fear that the moment you open your door and step outside you will suddenly be attacked by the killer need to realize that your fears come from weeks now of a concerted effort to scare the living daylights out of otherwise intelligent thinking people. And you need to think about the reality that this virus poses no more risk to you, personally, than driving your car daily.

We cannot immobilize much longer as a nation if we don't start taking steps to get back to full function. At some point we will no longer be the greatest country on earth.

That's a thought that should strike real fear in every American's heart.

We need our normal back not this crap "new normal".

Those who CAN, SHOULD go back to work, go to the store, go buy flowers for your garden even, SHOCKER..visit your family members who, like you, have been sequestered for weeks.

Living in fear, isn't living.

And living in fear puts us at a disadvantage and makes us vulnerable.


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